4 Simple Steps to Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

Photo: Stylish Marble Wood Panel Effect Wallpaper by @World of Wallpaper

When your home feels like a luxury retreat, it can help us look forward to unwinding in our abodes at the end of a long day.

And with more companies than ever opting for a hybrid – or even fully remote – work set up, many of us are finding that we’re spending all day at home.

If you’re looking to take steps to give your house that luxury feel, then here are just four simple design steps that every homeowner can make.

Photo: Honeycomb Bee Wallpaper Navy by @World of Wallpaper

1) Replace the Wallpaper

While wallpapering is the love of few, the wallpaper in your home cannot fade with age and contact with the sunlight but can become dated as styles change. So, whether you attempt the job yourself, or call in a decorator, new wallpaper could be just what you need to freshen up a room.

If you’re looking for something luxurious, consider opting for high contrast colours, or combining deep hues with metallic patterns.

With companies such as World of Wallpaper, you’ll be sure to find the perfect style to suit the luxury look you’re after.

photo: @Cattelan Wish Mirror

2) High-end Touches

From marble to gold, mahogany to velvet, there are materials that you can use around the home to make a room feel more luxurious.

It can be hard to know where to look, however, if you’re looking for the real deal rather than replicas, then consider paying a visit to your local antique store.

Consider investing in ornaments and artworks, or even try to get your hands on a gilded mirror as this will make your room seem larger than it really is.

photo: @B&B Italia

3) Indoor Plants

Having plant life in your home can not only introduce a splash of colour, but they can also benefit our health too. In fact, studies indicate that those who had plants in their home displayed fewer symptoms of anxiety. While this is of course not a fix all cure, being around nature, even in small doses, can help us feel more relaxed.

Of course, remembering to water them is key, so if you struggle to keep your foliage alive, then consider opting for artificial plant life instead.

There are many options that look the real deal, with some so convincing that you can trick yourself into thinking they’re real, so you don’t necessarily miss out on the mood boosting qualities.

Photo: @Oakwood Doors and Spray Finishes

4) New Doors

Many of us don’t give our internal doors that much thought, however the right door can provide the finishing touch that you’ve been looking for.

If you’re after that splash of luxury, then consider opting for a dark wood or even black door. The experts at Oakwood Doors supply a wide range of internal doors to suit every home style.

From traditional to contemporary, their team can help you find the ideal doors for your rooms.

Have you turned your home into a luxury escape from the world? Share your interior design tips in a message!

Photo @Oakwood Doors and Spray Finishes