33 Eco-Conscious Menswear Brands Making A Positive Contribution To Their Communities


Craftsmanship Code: This new eco-conscious selection spotlights brands making a positive contribution to their communities.

MR PORTER launches Small World, a curated selection of global brands that celebrate the craftsmanship, responsibly made products and local communities on a global scale. Bringing together brands from all four corners of the Earth – from Tibet to Bali, Japan to the UK – the capsule champions local artisans, small-batch manufacturing and responsible materials. Each piece represents the pinnacle of our Craftsmanship Code, a set of precepts to help customers make more conscious and considered decisions about your wardrobe.

MR PORTER, the world’s leading online destination for men’s style, announces the launch of Small World, a curated selection of global, independent and diverse brands that celebrate craftsmanship, responsibly made products and local communities in a thoughtful and intentional way.

Debuting this week, Small World showcases 33 considered high-end brands that are truly special by virtue of qualities such as their provenance, skilled heritage craftsmanship, their support of regional artisans or the use of recycled and low-impact materials.

An enduring thread to Small World is that the collection champions craftsmanship across a wide breadth of brands from across the world, each with its own point of view. Of the 33 brands, 16 are new to MR PORTER. Of the 338 considered products that will launch within Small World across ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories, luxury watches, grooming and homeware, 184 are fully exclusive to the site. Collectively, Small World brings together communities from as far afield as Bali, Mexico, Tibet, Nigeria and Mali and those supporting local artisanal crafts in the US, UK, France, India, Portugal and Japan.


New to MR PORTER Small World brands:

Portuguese Flannel, Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, Bornn, Chamula, Cooperative Djiguiyaso, Double Eleven, Noma t.d.,
Échapper, Jungmaven, Norlha, Post-Imperial, rrress, Slowdown Studio, Space Available, Stòffa and True Tribe.

Additional Small World brands, previously available on MR PORTER:

11.11/eleven eleven, Auralee, Bovet, By Japan, De Bonne Facture, Emma Willis, George Cleverley, Inis Meáin, Laboratory Perfumes, L’Objet, Peyote Bird, R+D.Lab, SMR Days, SSAM, Story Mfg., Tata Harper and Tricker’s.

Each Small World brand will also sit within MR PORTER’s newly launched Craftsmanship Code, an evergreen section of the site designed to champion products made by brands that make a positive contribution to their communities and operate with environmental and social considerations at the forefront of their design and business decisions.

Each featured brand must demonstrate they meet this foundational principle through a series of assessments and in addition, each product is required to meet one or more of the following guiding principles:

Heritage craft – products made by skilled artisans who practise time-honoured techniques to preserve and protect the accumulation of knowledge and skills that have been passed down through generations;

Future craft – products made using innovative materials, processes and technologies designed to make efficient use of resources, reduce pollution or support healthy ecosystems;

Made locally – products made with materials and manufacturing processes that directly benefit local communities through training, skills development and employment;

Made to last longer – products built to last, designed to be repaired, re-loved or recycled;

Made from considered materials – products made with lower-impact materials for a significantly reduced environmental footprint;

Made with high standards of animal welfare – products supporting good animal husbandry and respecting widely recognised industry standards;

The introduction of the Craftsmanship Code marks MR PORTER’s ongoing commitment to champion artisanal product and skilled craft within its current and future buying strategy. The Craftsmanship Code has been developed to celebrate craftsmanship, which requires an investment of time, skill and care at every stage of the production process. The result is products that the MR PORTER customer wants to invest in and care for and that have greater value and can be worn for longer.

“We are delighted to launch Small World and champion its diverse range of brands, all of which have an incredible story to tell and a distinct craft sensibility to imbue within MR PORTER’s greater offering. The launch, along with the Craftsmanship Code, is very much in line with our 10th anniversary focuses of discovery, inclusivity, craftsmanship and community, and we aimed to seek out and spotlight distinct product stories from some of our more established global brands through to nurturing smaller artisanal partners that are creating world-class product in time-honoured ways. As our customers remain curious and captivated by the narrative of a brand, and how its products are made, we’re thrilled to be delivering 33 nuanced stories within Small World. ” – Sam Kershaw, Buying Director, MR PORTER.