Artistic perfumes: Six new niche fragrances of 2021


PATCHOULI CANNELLE by La Closerie des Parfums

Patchouli Cannelle fragrance by La Closerie des Parfums.

La Closerie des Parfums takes its name from these secret gardens set up in Paris in the eighteenth century. Trees, plants and flowers created an array of aromatic alcoves: inspiration was everywhere. During each blooming season, essences always mingled into new compositions. The Closerie is a garden of the senses and a door to imagination. When it offered a fragrance, it revealed a new horizon. Patchouli Cannelle by La Closerie des Parfums is a cosy, sensual moment equal to an olfactory caress. On the deep, heady base of patchouli, cinnamon, the queen of spices, emits delicate Oriental wisps. Patchouli Cannelle by La Closerie des Parfums is a comforting fragrance that warms skin and mind.

@La Closerie des Parfums

La Closerie des Parfums Oud Hair & Body Mist.
With their light application and small bottle, the mists create a convenient daily perfume routine. They leave a soft, fresh lingering fragrance and can be reapplied to the hair and skin several times throughout the day. Applied in combination with other La Closerie des Parfums fragrances, they enhance the intensity of the oud.

Close to Midnight perfume by Musicology.

For the night-owls, this fragrance mixes mysterious amber and coffee with intense, addictive and amazing inflections. From pressure comes a delightful seduction. The delicate sensuality of jasmine meets the strong addiction to coffee. The sound rises, the temperature too… This unique gourmand combination is magnified by the volcano labdanum and the tonka bean. Finally, musks always bring more modernity to this amber composition.

@Ignacio Figueras Perfume Collection/

Ignacio Figueras Perfume Collection

Representing the brotherhood of kindred spirits, Ignacio Figueras Perfume Collection is a very exclusive line comprised of six scents inspired by Nacho Figueras lifestyle, emotions and colors of six international polo tournament destinations — Buenos Aires, Palm Beach, Aspen, Windsor, Jaipur and Dubai. Sometimes called the “David Beckham of polo”, Ignacio Figueras an Argentine polo player with a 6-goal handicap.

Each scent has notes and portray the stories connected to these grand exotic polo locations, such as the southern nights in Palm Beach, fiery evenings in Aspen, and the stillness of dawn in Jaipur sharing Nacho’s passion for travel, polo and his family.

Windsor by Ignacio Figueras:
Layer this floral scent with other perfumes from the brand’s arsenal The Windsor eau de parfum is formulated to transport the wearer to a field of wildflowers where serenity peaks. Enriched with bergamot, Saffiano leather, honeysuckle and cedarwood, this aromatic-floral scent will inspire you for years to come. Windsor represents the very best of men and women in their creations.

@Cale Fragranze d’Autore

Sottosopra perfume by Cale Fragranze d’Autore.

This niche fragrance will turn your world upside down. Do not worry about this. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?

Sottosopra was one of the winners of the minority Niche Perfumery Awards (mNPA) 2020. This Cale Fragrance d’Autore perfume has obtained the prestigious award in the Best Independent Niche Perfumes category, the unique fragrance of an Italian brand to have been selected among the finalists of the competition. The minority Niche Perfumery Awards (mNPA) is the only event in China that is in charge of awarding a pize to the best fragrances belonging exclusively to the artistic perfumery sector and are co-sponsored by Firmenich, the largest perfume and aromas company in the world, based in Geneva.

Gunpowder Cologne by Urban Scents

A modern interpretation of lasting vigor with a refreshing infusion of green tea, Italian bergamot essence and lavender, followed by light wooden notes and a taste of velvet musk.