2023 Future of Beauty Awards: The Best Beauty Treatments of the Year

Best Beauty Treatments of the Year awarded with the ELLE Future of Beauty Award.

What makes a beauty product “great” in 2022? For the beauty team at ELLE, the secret sauce to a Future of Beauty-worthy launch goes something like this: a breakthrough formula, never-before-seen level of inclusivity, and advancements in results.

“We gazed into our crystal (makeup) ball—reviewing hundreds of submissions—and selected the most exciting launches in the market right now to bring you this year’s Future of Beauty winners,” – said Elle’s experts.

Juvederm Volux XC

In the post-Zoom world, patients are looking for new ways to enhance their unmasked faces. See: Juvéderm Volux XC, which is FDA-approved as the only hyaluronic acid filler to give you a more defined jawline.

Cutera Aviclear

AviClear by Cutera is the first FDA-cleared laser to treat acne by zapping sebum glands to produce less oil, which means fewer breakouts.

RHA Redensity

Having a stiff upper lip isn’t what you want when it comes to fillers. RHA Redensity smooths severe lines around the mouth with a breakthrough level of flexibility.

Vivace Vivace Ultra

The Vivace Ultra offers the first-ever bespoke version of radiofrequency microneedling; each session starts with ultrasound photo mapping to create a custom program that includes optimal needle depth for each area.

@AviClear by @Cutera