2013 Autoweek Best of the Best Finalists

Autoweek Magazine Announces Finalists for Annual Best of the Best Car and Truck Awards


Autoweek magazine editors drove and tested hundreds of vehicles throughout the year in order to announce the top five car and truck finalists, respectively, for the annual Best of the Best award. Finalists range from the all-American Dodge Dart to the high-end Mercedes-Benz GL.

“Our finalists show there is a great diversity in luxury and price available on the market. Our choices are a testament to the quality and innovation of the 2013 lineup,” said Wes Raynal, Autoweek editor.

“We put each vehicle through some extreme conditions and were able to come to a consensus on our finalists,” said Raynal.

2013 Autoweek Best of the Best Finalists


Cadillac ATS – A game changer for Cadillac, the ATS rivals the luxury benchmark BMW 3-series.

Dodge Dart – Probably the Most Significant Car of the Year. This small compact car hangs with luxury vehicles that are twice the price.

Porsche 911 – The sports car by which all others are measured: When a new 911 comes along, the enthusiast world takes notice.

Porsche Boxster – Perhaps the best all-around sports car, the Boxster has always done everything superbly.

Subaru BRZ – Arguably the best affordable rear-drive lightweight sports car since the Mazda Miata.


Acura RDX – A wider-reaching redesign, the RDX features a more powerful and fuel-efficient V6 and larger and cushier cabin.

Mercedes-Benz GL-class – The GL offers three engine choices, seating for seven and plentiful safety, comfort and convenience options.

Infiniti JX35 – The JX35 hits a sweet spot where luxury, performance and perfect size meet overall value.

Mazda CX-5 – If a sporty compact is what you’re after, the CX-5 has all but cornered the market.

Ford Escape – The most popular compact SUV gets a complete redo that is sure to be a hit.