Girard Perregaux Reveals a Cutting-Edge Case with Deep and Captivating Red Colour

Paying homage to the Chinese New Year, the new Laureato Light & Fire reveals a deep and captivating red colour. An intense red that plays with light, like the burning embers of a flame. 

@Girard Perregaux Laureato Absolute Light & Fire

Since the inaugural version of the Laureato was unveiled in 1975, the model has masterfully united contrasting elements to glorious effect. Housed in a metallised sapphire crystal case, the Laureato Absolute Light & Shade juxtaposes curves and lines, modern and traditional and, lastly, aesthetics and functionality.

Girard Perregaux has also created a special reference featuring a distinctive translucent red case to mark the advent of the Chinese New Year. Limited to just 18 pieces, the Laureato Absolute Light & Fire is presented worldwide for the celebration.

When Girard Perregaux released the inaugural version of the Laureato in 1975, its masterful blend of different shapes proved distinctive, yet harmonious.

Its looks complemented a lounge suit but also worked with casual attire. Over the years, the luxury watchmaking Maison has introduced new complications and worked with a variety of materials and colours, but the Laureato has always remained instantly recognisable and has always retained its timeless looks.

In 2019, Girard Perregaux unveiled the Laureato Absolute watch line. Many of the Laureato’s recognisable design codes were carried over to this bolder interpretation of the 1975 model, including the legendary octagonal bezel sat atop a circular ring. However, the Laureato Absolute line also incorporated an integrated rubber strap, along with many additional changes, some more subtle than others, ultimately contributing to the contemporary appearance of the Laureato collection.

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Now, Girard Perregaux unveiled the new Laureato Absolute Light & Shade, a model that draws on the Maison’s amassed watchmaking know-how and employs its vast expertise working with innovative materials. Measuring 44 mm in diameter, the case of this latest model is made from metallised sapphire crystal, endowing the watch with a fascinating brilliance. On one hand, the model exhibits a visually light appearance and bestows transparency, while conversely it looks dark and reflective. This visual lightness is accompanied by a low mass of just 85 grams. Throughout its composition, the watch juxtaposes contrasting characteristics, distinguishing this contemporary expression of fine watchmaking as quite unique.

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A cutting-edge case, a traditional respect for craftsmanship

In order to create a watch with a sapphire crystal case, a boule of sapphire crystal must be created using a technique termed ‘the Kyropoulos growth method’. This protracted growth method transforms alumina powder into a solid block of sapphire crystal, a process that takes up to 8 weeks.

Thereafter, the block is cut into small discs which are then skilfully machined to form the bezel, case middle and caseback. Once this phase is completed, the parts need to be thermally treated and then polished. The components are carefully screened, only those corresponding to the specifications and without inclusion are selected.

The sapphire crystal components are then subjected to a metallisation treatment. This process involves applying a surface treatment to the parts within a vacuum. Ultimately, this suffuses them with a smoked appearance. The creation of this sapphire crystal case requires 170 hours of complex work.

@Girard Perregaux

@Girard Perregaux