The 4th edition of 1.618 Sustainable Luxury to reflect time and sustainable development

 What if the future was actually hopeful, optimistic and wonderful, instead of grey, hopeless and dismal as some claim to believe? What if luxury, well-being and creativity were the norm for our future way of life? The 4th edition of 1.618 Sustainable Luxury will illustrate an exemplary approach to sustainability.

The 4th Annual 1.618 Sustainable Luxury event will once again bring entrepreneurs and brands committed to build a more beautiful and sustainable world. Since 2009, this eco-designed platform confirms that sustainable development is compatible with beauty, creation, and innovation.

A precious gift, fundamental to luxury and sustainable development, “time” is of particular importance in an accelerating world. This is the reason, “Time” will be in focus at this year’s event. Throughout the trade fair the notion of time will be omnipresent in terms of the creative process, reflection, well-being, experience and emotion.


BMW i8 electric cars, Arcadia Yachts (Boats), Pariss Electric (Electric roadsters), and SEV Electric (Electric bikes) will showcase in the mobility section, while Retrospective David Trubridge (Moaroom), BYAM, Maison Turrini, Le Lit National, and Minimalist will present their innovation in the sustainable Design/Furniture category. Solantu from Argentina and Norlha will complete the list of highlights in the Accessories & Fashion. Mycoocoon will offer a well-being experienced through color & energy.

All this brands are by definition creative, ethical and aesthetic and meet the standards of a discerning public in search of meaning, transparency and engagement. In order to assure the integrity of the brand selection, 1.618 is supported by an independent committee of experts who validate the brands’ commitment to sustainable development.

1.618 will also highlight visionary entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and vision in creating a better world. An exhibition curated by Laurane Germond of COAL, will present a dozen artists whose works reflect time and sustainable development. A 300m2 space will be allocated to “FUTURE LAB: SMILE CITY“, a zone for people and projects that are anticipating and prefiguring the world of tomorrow. THE CIRCLE 1.618 will discuss and debate our changing world. The roundtables will touch upon defined themes, including: innovation, tourism, luxury and sustainable development, art, slow movement, education, and healthy cities.


Two awards (HEC & 1.618 SUSTAINABLE LUXURY and PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD) will celebrate innovation among the 1.618 brands. The “HEC & 1.618 SUSTAINABLE LUXURY AWARD” is given to the brand selected to participate in the 2014 event, which best illustrates an exemplary approach to sustainability. The jury is made up of leading professionals from creative industries. The “1.618 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD” is chosen directly by the event’s attendees who are given the opportunity to choose their preferred brand. During the four day event, visitors will have the opportunity to vote for a brand via interactive voting stations located throughout the event.

In partnership with the townhall of the Paris’ 3rd Arrondissement and the Carreau du Temple, 1.618 Sustainable Luxury will organize a week-long festival (1.618 OUTDOOR FESTIVAL: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WEEK MARCH 31 — APRIL 6, 2014), intended to sensitize the general public about living a more sustainable lifestyle. From art to food, the public is invited to participate in a diverse selection of activities like:

  • Photography Contest Award Exposition in partnership with Fisheye;
  • Participative Art Project Elyx Party by YAK, Installation, Square du Temple;
  • A Selection of Nomadic Organic food trucks;
  • A Clean Mobility Circuit Sponsored by SMART.

The 4th edition of the green luxury show will cover 3000m2 in the Carreau du Temple, a newly renovated artistic and cultural space located in the heart of the Marais, Paris. Read about 2luxury2 visit at the previous edition of 1.618 Sustainable Luxury event

    APRIL 4-6, 2014