Yves Saint Laurent. A new Fall Scandal

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Yves Saint Laurent’s ultimate goal in makeup is to create eyes like a work of art. Inspired by the unusual color combinations found in fashion in the 1970s, Yves Saint Laurent Beaute’s new Couture Palette Collector Fall Look 2016 is a beauty chef-d’œuvre crease resistant for up to 12-hour hold.

This new limited edition Scandal collection promises smooth even blend finish thanks to a high concentration of pearl and pigments and a network of transparent powders. The palette has rich shades of olive green, shimmering burgundy, golden bronze, and luminous taupe. There is also a new generation of nail lacquers presented in a sleek elongated glass bottle imprinted with the YSL logo. New this season are three lip shades in Decadent Pink, Alternative Plum, and Orange Seventies. These matte lipstick lock color in place.

YSL Scandal COllection 1971

What Was So Scandalous About YSL’s Scandal Collection? YSL says the new palette is a celebration of “the bold and edgy femininity of the most famous designs from Yves Saint Laurent’s universe” Nothing morally wrong or causing general public outrage so far. Cara Delevigne’s image with a clash of colors on the eyes is the only one raising questions. Because why be subtle, when you can shock? YSL woman is safe in the knowledge that audacity never fails; it only provokes creativity.

On January 29, 1971, Yves Saint Laurent presented the collection known as the “Liberation” or “Forties” collection, which was inspired by the fashion of the war years. Short dresses, platform shoes, square shoulders, and exaggerated makeup were the references to occupied Paris that caused a scandal. The collection, which was heavily criticized by the press, gave full sway to the retro trend that quickly ended up conquering the street.

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