With Solarwave Yachts the only footprints you leave are those in the sand…

Sunwave & Solarwave or the true hybrid yachts.

solarwave 62 cruiser-

A conventionally powered boat has a range of 300 to 500 nautical miles under diesel-engine. With a sail the range can be extended – but only when the wind is coming from the right direction and in matching force.

Most yachts are using gas for cooking. Its open flame heats up the interior of the yacht – and – gas is dangerous. On many yachts the “consumables” like water and energy are configurated in a way, that enforces the skipper to visit a marina every two or three days to charge the batteries and to buy water for shower as well as for drinking.

Larger yachts offering more luxury have watermaker, air-conditioning and generators. They do not need to got to a marina – but…

The use of a combustion-engine is inevitably combined with noise, exhausts and vibrations and oily films in the water.

Solarwave SW62 - sideways stern - flybridge open-- solarwave yachts interior

Solarwave Yachts are coming with a new experience of nature and watersports, silent and without exhausts.

Solarwave Yachts has developed a system that reduces the operation-hours of diesel-engines and thus the consumption to close to zero. This system is modular and scalable. It is more simple, needs less maintenance and costs less than any conventional fuel-depending propulsion and energy-supply. It grants more luxury, comfort, independence relyability and safety.

Do you want to have a “gas-free” kitchen and more comfort while on anchor? Or do you want to go for solar- electric propulsion? Or are you the owner of a Megayacht who wants to sleep without the noise and the vibrations of permanently running generators?¬†You can`t buy happiness, but you can buy a Solarwave. And that`s pretty close…

Solarwave SW62 - sideways stern - salon Solarwave SW62 - sideways stern - flybridge open Solarwave SW62 - sideways stern - cockpit Solarwave SW62 - sideways bow - flybridge closed solarwave 62 cruiser