Why Walking Will Never go out of Fashion



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Fitness trends come and go. Nowadays, there are dozens of them to enjoy. Crossfit, Zumba, Peleton – they all offer their various perks, and if you’re sufficiently committed, they can all lead to significant fitness gains. With all of these option available, simply walking from place to place might not seem especially glamorous. But there are several good reasons that walking is here to stay, and that we’ll be doing more of it in the future, rather than less.

It’s accessible

You don’t need to have a high level of fitness to get started with walking. Whether you’re a teenager or a pensioner, you can take a walk. If you’re rehabilitating after an injury, or you’ve simply let your fitness lapse, then putting one foot in front of another is the first physical task you can attempt. Just do that a few times and you’re walking!

It’s low-impact

One of the downsides of the many forms of cardio available is the injuries that can arise from repetitive movements. Walking not only avoids this, but it helps to protect against it by developing those infrequently-used muscles in your legs and core. For those spending a lot of time sitting down every day, it’s a powerful means of preventing aches and pains.

It’s affordable

You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to enjoy walking every day. A quality pair of shoes will keep your feet supported and free from aches and pains. If you end up taking the activity more seriously, then you might invest in wind-proof clothing so that you can trek across hilltops without worrying about the weather, and a few ordinance survey maps so you always know where you’re going.

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It provides a chance to see the sights

There’s no better incentive when you’re trudging up the side of a mountain than the prospect of the view from the top. As rewarding as it might be when you’re able to consistently post high figures on your fitness-app of choice, nothing quite beats the sights you’ll see on a good walking holiday. And you don’t need to venture far to find a suitable route; there are plenty of Walking Holidays in the UK to enjoy.

It’s sociable

Walking with a group helps you to bond with the people you’re walking with. Since you’re not working at high intensity, you’ll have the breath available to hold a conversation. Walking as a group is something that people have been doing since before the dawn of humankind – it’s something that we’re naturally adapted for. You can’t say that about a stationary exercise bike!

It promotes mental health

Even if we don’t account for the tremendous mental-health benefits of socialising, walking confers tremendous mental health benefits. It helps to provide your brain with time to think, and plenty of visual stimulation, depending on where in the world you’ve decided to take a stroll.

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