Web3, Climate Tech and boutique health brands set to go mainstream. 2022 Breakthrough Brands Report

@Interbrand launches “2022 Breakthrough Brands” Report showcasing the 30 emerging brands that will disrupt the US market

“It’s all about systems change – whether it is to decentralize the internet, demystify healthcare, or decarbonize the planet, these brands are laying the groundwork for the next decade.” – Naeiri Zargarian, Strategy Director at Interbrand New York.

World’s Leading brand consultancy Interbrand launched its 2022 Breakthrough Brands Report – with Web3, Climate Tech and boutique health brands set to go mainstream.

The influential Breakthrough Brands Report reveals the 30 innovative brands that are set to disrupt the US market. This is the 5th edition of the report, which has a track record of successfully identifying game-changing challenger brands before they become household names. Previous years’ Breakthrough Brands have included Miro and Athletic Brewing (2021), A24 and Maven Clinic (2020), Square and Slack (2017), and Sweetgreen and Headspace (2016), all of which have seen exponential growth since being featured in Interbrand’s previous reports.

The brands included in this year’s report span a range of fast-growing industries, including celebrity-led cannabis brands (Houseplant and Monogram), women’s health (Tia and Kindbody), blockchain (Mythical Games, Bored Ape Yacht Club and MoonPay), and Climate Tech (Watershed, Arcadia and Pachama). More than 50% of 2022’s Breakthrough Brands have founders or C-suite members who are women or people of color.


The next generation of the internet

As Web3 is coming of age, blockchain-based companies are moving into new avenues such as NFTs and decentralized autonomous organizations. Brands like Polygon, Chainalysis and MoonPay are building the on-ramp to more users on Web3.

Carbon measurement fuelling accountability

The conversation around climate change is becoming more focused on measurable action for decarbonization and reaching net-zero by 2050. Brands including Watershed, Planet Labs, and Doconomy are creating the software-based tools to help companies with their carbon accounting.

Rebuilding the healthcare industry

Boutique health brands such as Folx Health, Thirty Madison, and Kindbody are reimagining the experience for different demographics that have been underserved while driving accessibility and reducing costs.

 “After another year with many uncertainties being faced by businesses, we see genuine hope in so many innovative brands emerging across a range of sectors. We’re expecting to see these brands continue to achieve impressive growth and become key disruptors within the US market.” – Daniel Binns, CEO, Interbrand New York.

Interbrand expanded its number of “Human Truths” metrics this year to include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), Accessibility, and Sustainability.