Ways to Redesign Your Engagement Ring after Divorce

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The reality of an ended engagement or marriage is not only limited to the pain of seeing a relationship come to an end. It also raises questions like what to do with the engagement ring or “is it time to let it go?”

Wedding bands and engagement rings are not ordinary pieces of jewelry. These things signify the special nature of a relationship and love between two individuals. But, when the relationship is over, it would feel uncomfortable to wear them. Therefore, it is good to redesign your engagement ring after divorce to make it look an entirely different jewelry. Below are some of our recommendations:


Beautiful necklace

Your diamond ring could become a beautiful necklace. It is particularly best for solitaire diamond engagement rings to be without pavé or side diamonds. A jeweler only needs to remove the diamond from the ring setting then put it in a pendant. If the ring is made of gold, you can use it to create a pendant that will hold the diamond in place.

Ring-hand ring

Who would even notice that you are wearing an engagement ring after redesigning it? If you are not comfortable with the significance of having the ring on your left hand, why not convert it into a right-hand ring. You may also keep the original design of your ring and wear it as is on your right hand.

If you want to sell it instead, read here about how to sell your engagement ring after a divorce. This site has the information you need about selling a diamond engagement ring, and they also offer high appraisal rates.

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Convert a multiple-diamond engagement ring into pieces of jewelry

Some diamond engagement rings have more than one diamond. If your ring is one of them, use each diamond to make unique jewelry pieces for the people you love or for yourself. For example, a three-stone engagement ring can be converted into stud earrings and a pendant or bracelet.

Additionally, you can turn your multiple-diamond engagement ring into gifts for your family members, children, or close friends. Ask a skilled artisan to convert the ring for you.

Stud earrings

As mentioned earlier, a multiple-diamond ring can become stud earrings. The same is true for the traditional diamond engagement rings with only one diamond. You only have to buy a second diamond to make a pair. However, make sure to find an exact match of the diamond to fit.


If the diamond on your ring looks beautiful as is, make it a part of a bracelet. Diamonds could make a head-turning piece, particularly those attached to a gold bracelet. Just like what you do with right-hand rings, you can use other beautiful gemstones along with small diamonds to create a new piece of jewelry.


Lastly, diamond engagement rings are hard to let go of. Some people might find it easier to sell them off than keep them. Turning them into new jewelry pieces gives them a breath of new life. Make sure to find a reliable artisan who can turn your diamond engagement ring into a jewelry of your choice. It is better to sell your diamond engagement ring after a divorce than to keep hidden it in a case or jewelry box.