Voice Control and Wolfram Alpha Assistant – the top features of the new iPhone 5

The iPhone 5’s Killer Secret Feature Is Amazing Voice Control
The specs aren’t shocking: a generous 1 GB of RAM and the iPad 2’s A5 processor. But what Apple‘s going to push hardest is iPhone’s Assistant: your iPhone 5 talks to you.

But it’s not only about you and your iPhone 5 chatting it up: Assistant will usher in a giant social feature with “Find My Friends,” all executed with your voice. It’s dead simple. “Where’s Adrian?” Your phone will show you Adrian on the map, assuming Adrian’s privacy settings allow it.

Finally, there’s Wolfram Alpha baked into Assistant. Wolfram Alpha is the equivalent of an extremely nerdy, always-right friend who knows everything. And now Assistant is that genius friend. Ask your iPhone 5 for the GDP of Libya: it’ll tell you. Ask your iPhone how many feet from the Earth Jupiter is. It’ll tell you. Wolfram Alpha support gives you an enormous trove of instant knowledge, invaluable for work, school, or just winning an argument with your friend.Assistant has the potential to make the iPhone 5 incredible. If it’s real.

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