Triton 3300/6 Submarine – the first six-person submersible capable of achieving 1,000m


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Triton submersibles launches the world’s largest spherical acrylic pressure hull.

Spacious and luxurious deep-sea diving for six from Triton Submarines, a leader in innovation of the submersible sector.

Triton Submarines builds superlative submersibles, offering the most intimate connection with the ocean. For the first time large families, groups of friends or invited guests can share the incredible experience of deep-sea diving together. Despite its incredible capabilities, the TRITON 3300/6 may be stored, launched and recovered from within a standard tender garage.

Thanks to proprietary construction techniques developed in collaboration with partners Röhm and Heinz Fritz in
Germany, the Triton 3300/6 features the largest acrylic pressure hull produced to date. A staggered ‘stadium
seating’ arrangement ensures each occupant an uninterrupted panoramic view for a unique optical experience.

Peerless in their capability of producing 1,000m capable acrylic hulled submersibles, the Triton 3300/6 will
represent the company’s 11th unit certified for this depth.

“As the size of our client’s vessels continues to grow, so we are experiencing a demand for submersibles that
deliver extraordinary experiences for larger parties of guests. The Triton 3300/6 represents a milestone, not only in
the technological development of the largest acrylic pressure hull ever produced but also in terms of allowing a
larger party of guests to enjoy a true shared experience while accessing a significant measure of the world’s
oceans”, states Triton’s president Patrick Lahey.

@Triton 3300/6 Submarine

The TRITON 3300/6 is a leisure-focused derivation of the venerable TRITON 3300/3 MKII design.

Building upon the industry’s most successful series-production platform, the TRITON 3300/6 is the first submersible to feature the world’s largest spherical acrylic pressure hull. Six passengers will experience a level of space and comfort never before found in a submersible capable of diving to any depth, let alone 1,000 meters / 3,300 feet.

@Triton 3300/6 Submarine

@Triton Submarine

For the ultimate in comfort, the TRITON 3300/6 can be configured to accommodate four passengers.

The TRITON 3300/6’s design brings an elegant aesthetic to a configuration that has been tightly optimised for
deployment from a superyacht. Uniquely for a 1,000 meter-rated submersible, it can be deployed using standard
tender lifting arrangements – greatly reducing the handling head-height typically required from such a capable

The TRITON 3300/6 features a generously sized hatch which has been angled rearwards to maximise ease of
boarding. The adjacent high-grip tread area has been positioned in relation to the interior steps so as to achieve a
comfortable, natural movement. Triton’s signature ‘pontoon’ design ensures that throughout the boarding process,
the submersible remains flat and level on the water.

Once inside, passengers will enjoy plush seating replete with fine leathers and hand-finished upholstery. The
position and layout of the chairs ensures everyone enjoys a nearly 360° view and, importantly, that they all share the
same view as one another and the Pilot-Guide.

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