Top 5 Casinos to Visit in Scandinavia



Casino Cosmopol is Sweden’s international casino-

Casino Cosmopol Sweden; photo @Casino Cosmopol

If you are in Scandinavia and have not visited any land-based casinos so far, you are definitely missing out a lot! Guaranteed big wins and luxurious interiors will take you by storm. If you don’t want to do it for money, do it for fun and you will not be disappointed!

With this in mind, let’s explore this list of the best casinos prepared by our friends from Norway.

Casino Copenhagen 2019

Casino Copenhagen; photo

Casino Copenhagen

Casino Copenhagen stands erect and shines bright in the capital city of Copenhagen. Essentially, this casino is a part of four-star hotel Radisson SAS Scandinavia. What makes this casino stand out is its friendly and courteous staff.

To begin with, you will get to explore 140 slot and video machines. Add to that, there are lucrative bonuses and promotions which will keep the ball rolling. If old classics like blackjack and roulette are your forte, you will have ample of them, 20 terminals of roulette and 6 tables of blackjack to be precise.

However, before entering the casino, we will highly recommend you to check the rules and regulations of the casino. Quite predictably, you must be at least 18 years of age. The casino deals in Danish krone currency. Once you are inside, you will be treated with free gaming chips, entry tickets, and finger-licking good meals.

Casino Odense 2019

Casino Odense; photo:

Casino Odense

One of the friendliest casinos in Denmark, this casino entertains its casinos like no other. Although the range of casino games is limited, it is the best.

The casino provides you with 12 roulette tables, 40 video machines, and poker slots along with poker tables, and a lot more. The décor of the casino is worth watching. This casino also deals with Danish Krone. You must be 18 years of age to enter inside.

casino aalborg 2019

casino aalborg; photo:

Casino Aalborg

This is another casino on the list in Denmark which is worth all your attention. Located in Aalborg, this casino is a great pick for business people and is appropriately located close to the airport.

The casino mostly hosts jackpot slots and live table games, but they also have other games like American Roulette and Blackjack on offer. If you don’t want to try your hands at gambling, you can still visit the casino and network with other businessmen. However, it is important to mention here that the casino charges you with an entry fee of 50 dkk.

Like most other casinos in this list, the currency used in the casino is Danish krone, and your required minimum age should be 18.

Casino Cosmopol - Sweden’s casino

Casino Cosmopol Sweden; photo:

Casino Cosmopol

What is better than just one Casino Cosmopol? Having four of them! Well, yes, this elegant casino is opened seven days a week and there are 4 such land-based casinos in Sweden located in the cities of Sundsvall, Malmo, Stockholm, and Goteborg.

In addition to featuring 200 video machines and jackpot slots, the casino is also known for its lively environment.

casino marienlyst 2019

casino marienlyst ; photo:

Casino Marienlyst

This is one of the oldest casinos in Marienlyst, Denmark. Featuring more than 50 jackpot slots, roulette, video machines, table games, and more, this casino is one of the most beautiful casinos in Europe.

In addition to allowing you to gamble, the casino also equips with a range of additional facilities like hotel amenities, restaurant, bar, and parking. If you are an avid gambler, you will love to know that the casino offers some of the best payout rates.

Casino Copenhagen 2019 Jackpot

Casino Copenhagen Jackpot; photo