The Bugatti of home audio. Literally

@Tidal for @Bugatti

Just like the unique experience of a hypercar: The Bugatti of home audio from Tidal x Bugatti

Bugatti and Tidal Audio have collaborated to introduce Tidal for Bugatti music system.

Powerful as a Bugatti supercar, these new Bugatti x Tidal Audio’s new loudspeakers are designed to establish a new category of music systems for your home. A product of a collaboration which started in 1999, Bugatti x Tidal loudspeakers are a piece of sound art on its own which takes it timeless spot in your living environment.

The first TIDAL for BUGATTI masterpiece is the ROYALE series. The start of the partnership manifests itself int wo limited edition – “ROYALE Edition Blanc” and “ROYALE Edition Noir”. The name reflects one of the most prestigious models in the BUGATTI heritage and product history.

“Also for us it means it is ‘the crown jewel’ of everything we achieved so far, compressing and repackaging all our famous merits – sound, design and finish at state-of-the-art level – in such a high density that we classify it a game changer without hesitating,” said TIDAL founder and CEO Jörn Janczak.

TIDAL founders, Tidal CEO Jörn Janczak; @Tidal for @Bugatti

The complex cabinet, the internal multichannel amplifier with sheer endless power and silky finesse, the diaphragms made out of diamond, ceramic and light-metal and the hybrid concept out of passive and active technologies – each and every detail at the ROYALE series was designed build only for this project.

The loudspeaker include 4-way hybrid-active multichannel powered loudspeaker, a 3D-shaped multi chamber monocoque cabinet (MONOCOQUE) and dual-shell cabinet (DUOTONE) made out of TIDAL’s proprietary cabinet material TIRALIT.

“Not a single part can be found in any other product. And yet all our technology works its magic behind the scenes, like the revered world-famous chef at a world-class restaurant. It operates as a discreet, undetectable conduit that conveys the message of the music whilst perfectly preserving its original sonic fingerprint,” added Janczak.

@Tidal for @Bugatti

There are two main cabinet themes: Monocoque and Duotone.

Tidal prestigious clients’ imagination and wish is what dictates the execution. The Monocoque series offers a “shaped out of one block” theme, every choice of a single color in either real piano lacquer or original BUGATTI lacquers. The Monocoque is the perfect choice when it comes to black and white.The Duotone theme offers choices of colors and materials to harmonize with each other and execute every pair into a one off. The front-part in white and the back-part in polished macassar veneer. Or in black piano finish and dark grey carbon fiber.

Another choice are the metal parts, divided in three groups: aluminum, stainless-steel and precious metal designs. Either velvet glass-pearl blasted, brushed or structured, silver, grey or dark and all colors in between –the aluminum package offers almost endless possibilities.

Stainless-steel on the other hand is what TIDAL became famous for to execute onto a level beyond every chrome plating. What one sees is what one gets – the real rare material ingredient itself. And it is also the base for all precious metal platings such as gold or rose-gold for example.

Needless to say that side grills also can be individualized into every them, such as the front-plate could be selected in mentioned metals, carbon fiber or leather.

@Tidal for @Bugatti

@Tidal for @Bugatti