The world’s fastest bike. It also happens to be electric.

World’s First Electric Street Legal Superbike Delivered.

Lightning Motorcycles produces the world’s fastest bike. It also happens to be electric. Lightning made history once again by delivering the world’s first street legal electric superbike. Until November 11, 2014 electric motorcycles were alternative transportation options. Now Lightning is making available a true race winning 200mph electric superbike for your everyday commute.

“The realization of the dream of bringing the LS-218 street SuperBike to market has been challenging and rewarding. We could not have a better first customer than Troy Helming, CEO of Pristine Sun, a leader in renewable energy project development. We are thrilled to deliver our first street legal superbike for Troy to use for his daily commute. We are honored to launch our first customer delivery at the Autodesk Gallery. Autodesk and Lightning have built a strong technology collaboration. Autodesk provides the tools that allow a small team of dedicated engineers to build disruptive world class products”, said Richard Hatfield, CEO of Lightning Motorcycle.

“Innovation through competition” is Lightning’s culture and is in our DNA. Lightning will continue pushing the limits to find solutions to provide consumers better motorcycles. Winning races and setting records is our proving grounds. The biggest and most important competition is in the marketplace. We are dedicated to winning and promoting no compromise clean tech transportation. Stay tuned for more exciting news soon to be announced from the Lightning team.

The bikes are built to order according to your specs and start at $38,888.