The Unique Taste of Provence Travels All The Way To Scandinavia

Scandinavian voyage for Château Galoupet and Michelin-star restaurant ÄNG.

Château Galoupet is collaborating with Swedish restaurant ÄNG, which has been awarded both a Michelin star for the restaurant and a Green star for sustainability. The Michelin Guide created the Green Star to recognize restaurants that combine culinary excellence with eco-responsibility. ÄNG has become Château Galoupet’s high-profile partner in Scandinavia, providing a superb showcase for the wine estate’s deep commitment to sustainability.

From Provence to Scandinavia: A Culinary Odyssey with @Château Galoupet and Michelin-starred @ÄNG Restaurant

Savoring Sustainability and Terroir: Château Galoupet’s Journey to Scandinavia with ÄNG

When one envisions the lush landscapes of Provence, France, with its sprawling vineyards and charming villages, a gustatory journey to the heart of gourmet excellence often comes to mind. However, the unique taste of Provence has embarked on an unexpected voyage, crossing borders and cultures to find an exquisite partnership with Scandinavian Michelin-star restaurant ÄNG. This collaboration, nurtured by a shared love for terroir and sustainability, has led to a culinary rendezvous that brings the flavors of Provence to the picturesque landscapes of Sweden.

Nestled in the southwestern corner of Sweden, a mere 90 minutes away from Göteborg, ÄNG Restaurant stands proudly amidst the organic vineyards of Ästad Vingård. It is here that chef Filip Gemzell meticulously crafts his dishes using ingredients sourced from the surrounding forests, beaches, and fields. The majority of the fare that graces the tables at ÄNG is plucked fresh each morning, paying homage to the bounties of the region and echoing the spirit of terroir that resonates with Château Galoupet.

Château Galoupet, a renowned wine estate from the Provence region, has found an ideal partner in ÄNG. Beyond their mutual reverence for nature and the environment, both establishments have earned their accolades for their dedication to sustainability. ÄNG’s Michelin star shines even brighter with the addition of the Green Star – a symbol of their harmonious blend of culinary prowess and eco-responsibility. This harmonious ethos is precisely what led to their partnership with Château Galoupet, as the two establishments embarked on a joint venture two years ago.

From Provence to Scandinavia: A Culinary Odyssey with @Château Galoupet and Michelin-starred @ÄNG Restaurant

The culmination of this partnership was a captivating event held this past June. In celebration of their collaboration, Château Galoupet and ÄNG orchestrated an unforgettable occasion, inviting select guests to experience a 17-course culinary odyssey that was expertly curated to complement the Château Galoupet Cru Classé 2021 and 2022 vintages. Amidst the gastronomic extravaganza, one dish stood out: an exquisitely refined asparagus creation, perfectly harmonizing with the notes of Château Galoupet Cru Classé 2021.

Coinciding with this event was the Michelin Guide Awards in Turku, Finland, where ÄNG sommelier and cellar master Emma Ziemann was bestowed with the prestigious Michelin Sommelier Award 2023. This recognition reinforced not only her individual brilliance but also the elevated experience that ÄNG offers in its wine pairings, aligning perfectly with Château Galoupet’s commitment to craft.

Through this dynamic partnership, the quintessential flavors of Provence have embarked on a Scandinavian voyage, a journey that bridges the geographical gap and transcends cultural nuances. This union of Château Galoupet and ÄNG epitomizes a shared commitment to excellence, a reverence for nature, and an unwavering dedication to their craft. As the aromas of Provence mingle with the landscapes of Sweden, gourmands in Scandinavia can now indulge in the extraordinary, as the unique taste of Provence finds its new home away from home.

From Provence to Scandinavia: A Culinary Odyssey with @Château Galoupet and Michelin-starred @ÄNG Restaurant