The Super Mediterranean Vintage: These Three Expressive Wines Provide Rosé Fans The Perfect Taste of Provence

Château de Berne and Ultimate Provence Release 2022 Rosé Vintage.

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Rosé wines are enjoyed by a diverse group of people, and it is difficult to generalize who drinks them. In the past, rosé wines were often associated with a particular gender or age group, but this has changed in recent years. Today, rosé wine is enjoyed by both men and women of all ages, and it has become a popular drink in many countries around the world.

Some people might enjoy rosé wines because they are a lighter and refreshing alternative to red wine, while others might prefer them because of their sweeter taste. Rosé wines are also versatile and can be paired with a wide range of foods, from salads and seafood to spicy dishes and barbeque.

In terms of demographics, younger adults, including millennials and Gen Z, have shown a particular affinity for rosé wines. This might be because of the growing popularity of rosé wine in popular culture, social media, and marketing campaigns that target younger audiences.

In addition, rosé wines have become more accessible and affordable in recent years, making them a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers. Some people also choose to drink rosé wines because they are seen as a more casual and approachable drink compared to other types of wine.

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Rosé wines have become a popular choice for anyone looking for a refreshing, versatile, and approachable drink.

The 2022 “super Mediterranean vintage” showcases the talent of the winemaker and team to manage the high temperatures and dry season. The HVE (high environmental value), organic labeled and certified vineyards were managed using continuous green measures to ensure the optimal harvest timing to get great wine despite the challenging conditions. The new releases are easy to drink, maintaining the classic Provence taste with pale yet vibrant rose wines that are round and generous.

Château de Berne and Ultimate Provence, two exquisite wine estates imported by Provence Rosé Group, announce the release of the 2022 vintage from Winemaker Alexis Cornu, available online and in-store now, just in time for the spring and summer rosé season.

@Château de Berne and @Ultimate Provence introduce 2022 rosé vintage.

Château de Berne
Located in the north of Provence between the villages of Lorgues and Flayosc, on a stunning estate first built by the Romans, Château de Berne has released their latest vintage of Inspiration and Romance rosé, offering refreshing sips that showcase the vineyard’s limestone terroir.

2022 Château de Berne Inspiration (MSRP $21.99): Receiving a 90-point score from Wine Enthusiast, the latest Inspiration vintage from Château de Berne is now labeled Made with Organic Grapes and offers a skillful blend of grape varietals including Grenache Noir, Cinsault and Syrah. The new blend is beautifully textured wine is full of balanced acidity, with rich texture and a dry finish, pairing well with roasted chicken or turkey, vegetarian dishes and seafood pasta.

2022 Château de Berne Romance (MSRP: $16.99): Straight from the shores of the Mediterranean, the new 2022 Romance vintage is soft and full of berry and floral aromas with a nice light pink color. This light and fruity vintage is made for pool side sipping with its inviting fresh and vibrant nose with elegant softness, that hits you at the front of the tongue on the first sip. Romance is a juicy and fruit forward vintage that will pair nicely with spicy Asian cuisine, taco night and shellfish, but also stands on its own for any occasion.

The five-star Relais & Château de Berne Estate includes: a hotel and 2 new private villas, as well as a Michelin-starred restaurant “Le Jardin de Berne” which features an eco-conscious approach to fine dining. In 2021, the Chef, Louis Rameau received the new Michelin “Green Star” distinction, awarded for exemplary sustainable restaurant practices. Completed by the spa, cooking school and various leisure activities, Château de Berne offers travelers 60-miles of hiking and biking trails, culinary delights, and the promise of an unforgettable experience.

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Ultimate Provence

Recognized as one of the most modern and vibrant destinations in Provence, Ultimate Provence is an eco-aware estate that’s unique terroir produces expressive wines that offer an explosion of delightful aromas and bountiful palate, lead with Syrah grapes.

2022 Ultimate Provence Rose (MSRP $23.99): Offering layers of raspberry, fresh violet, geranium, and blood orange. This vintage is an incredible combination of flavors that is intense and full of texture. It leads with a white pepper taste and ends with a warm finish across the entire palate, pairing perfectly with BBQ, charcuterie, grilled fish and sushi.

Part of “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”, the Ultimate Provence experience makes a lasting impression with a vineyard, boutique hotel, restaurant and spa nestled in an oasis of fresh green surroundings.

@Ultimate Provence Rose wine bottles; @Provence Rosé Group