The ultimate land-based sailing experience

Fun, fast and compact, Blokart is the ultimate land sailing experience that has developed into a culture with an international community of like minded enthusiasts who travel the globe with their kart chasing the wind.

Designed in New Zealand by Paul Becket, the 3-wheeled Blokart is not only a revolutionary recreational product; the art of ‘Blokarting’ has been transformed into an adrenaline-fuelled sport.

Blokart, in conjunction with Katalyst, have developed the Katalyst “Blokart” edition lightweight catamaran; offering the
exciting combination of Blokart and water to give the ultimate portable sailing experience.

Is there anywhere you can’t sail? From blokart to ice kart in minutes. Turn your lake, pond or reservoir into a winter race track, with carving turns cutting tracks through the ice. It might be cold but it’ll warm your soul.