The New Tuscany Without The High Prices: Palazzo Ricci Announces Fractional Ownership

@Fractions To Go is partnering with @Palazzo Ricci to offer fractional ownership of an Italian palace

Sitting high on a hill above a classic medieval village, with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, the Adriatic Sea and the Italian countryside, this 18th-Century palace evokes scenes from a movie.

Palazzo Ricci is located in beautiful Casoli, Abruzzo Italy.

Fractions To Go, one of the leaders in fractional ownership, is partnering with Palazzo Ricci in offering ownership opportunities of the renovated palace in Abruzzo, Italy. Abruzzo is touted by CNN Travel as “Italy’s #1 hot new destination. The new Tuscany without the high prices.”

Abruzzo is rated in the Top Ten Best Places in the World to invest in real estate and in the “quality-of-life” index. It is considered to be among the countries most untouched, authentic and pristine regions.

Palazzo Ricci’s luxurious and romantic residencies are to be finished with exquisite furnishings, bedding and interior d├ęcor. Everything you would expect at any of the world’s finest and most luxurious resorts. The palace was acquired in 2020 and is being restored to its former glory. The exterior is being completely preserved while the high-end residences, manicured gardens and gathering areas will boast the highest standard of luxury and comfort.

Fractions To Go was founded by Michael P. Carfagna, the successful owner of a New York real estate brokerage firm. Along with real estate properties, the company will be offering fractional ownership in yachts, private jets, as well as art masterpieces.

“Fractional ownership is the way of the future,” says Carfagna. “It allows many more to experience the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous, at a fraction of the cost.” Fractions To Go is the exclusive New York representative for Palazzo Ricci.

Private residence club details

In addition to its majestic setting, the shared ownership in this beautifully restored, fully staffed, 18th-century palace provides each owner the following benefits:

  • 1/9th Shared Villa Ownership;
  • Minimum 5.5 Weeks Usage Rights Per Year;
  • Global Luxury Exchange Network;
  • High-Value Exchange Rights;
  • Purchase price that is a fraction of a wholly-owned vacation property;
  • Annual maintenance cost that is a fraction of a wholly-owned vacation property;
  • Generational Ownership
  • Vacation Exchange With Other Palace Owners
  • Potential Rental Revenue
  • Potential Financial/Equity Value Increase and Tax Benefits.

@Palazzo Ricci by Fractions To Go