The LG Watch Urbane has landed in the Google Store

LG Electronics - Watch Urbane

The new LG Watch Urbane from LG Electronics has landed in the Google Store with the same price as the cheapest version of the Apple Watch Sport – $349. LG Watch Urbane is the first new smartwatch powered by the latest version of Android Wear, which works with premium smartphones, such as the all-new LG G4, running Android 4.3 and above.

TheĀ LG Watch Urbane took Mobile World Congress 2015 by storm, receiving numerous awards and accolades for its modern design, full-circle Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display and overall usefulness. Using the 1.3-inch P-OLED display from the popular LG G Watch R, and the LG Watch Urbane features smaller dimensions overall and is thinner, without reducing the size of the display or the battery.

The LG Watch Urbane is the third Android Wear device introduced by LG in the past year which demonstrates our commitment to this platform,” said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “More importantly, LG Watch Urbane is a perfect example that Android Wear watches can be functional and beautiful, making it a useful accessory that complements any wardrobe. No one would mistake LG Watch Urbane for a computer on your wrist.”

The LG Watch Urbane has a stainless steel body available in a luxurious polished rose gold and silver, accentuated further with a narrow bezel that gives the device the sleek lines of a classic timepiece. A stitched genuine leather strap gives it a smart look, but it can also be exchanged with any replacement 22mm leather, silicone or metal strap for the ultimate in personalization.

Included in LG Watch Urbane are two new and useful features not available on other Android Wear devices:

  • Dial Out from the Watch Urbane: With LG Call, access recent calls and the favorite contacts list stored on the connected smartphone to make calls directly from the watch. When connected to a Bluetooth headset, there is no need to remove the phone from one’s pocket to place a call.
  • Monitor Your Heart Rate: LG Pulse measures the wearer’s heart rate during exercise with no maximum time limit. At the end of the activity, LG Pulse will report the average heart rate over the entire duration of the activity and display a heart rate graph on LG Health.

    LG Electronics - Watch Urbane