THE INTERNATIONAL PERFUME FOUNDATION launches the The Natural Perfumery Certification Program

In an effort to promote Natural Perfumery while emphasizing and differentiating the distinctions between those perfumes made with natural ingredients and those that aren’t, the International Perfume Foundation (IPF) launched the Natural Perfumery Certification Program.

This Certification Program will include everyone in the perfume supply chain, from schools to
perfumers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers. It will allow consumers to differentiate between « industrial» perfumes made with synthetic copies of natural fragrances from those perfumes made using the traditional Art of Perfumery with naturals materials.

The Art of Perfumery has existed for more than 3000 years, but has little in common with current Industrial Perfumery, they having left flower fields for cold laboratories, nearly abandoning the beauty and health benefits of nature, and instead giving benefits to the chemical industry and to those perfumers looking to reduce their costs.


The ultimate purpose for IPF’s Certification Program is to insure that consumers have legitimate choices in perfumes for their enjoyment and health. Increasingly, consumers are looking for perfumes that not only look beautiful and have desireable fragrances, but are also healthy and sustainable.

The IPF certificated Natural Perfumery schools, perfumers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers listing will be published on the IPF website and promoted in IPF consumer networks later this year.

The Art of Natural Perfumery is our Heritage, and we should protect it. This is the Mission of The International Perfume Foundation.

Turning our backs on nature poses great risks and we are here to preserve our vital heritage by sharing our knowledge, experience and research.” Creezy Courtoy, IPF Chairman


About the Perfume Foundation

Created in 1995, The International Perfume Foundation was founded in Brussels by Creezy
Courtoy, French international fashion model, expert in perfume, historian and anthropologist. The ultimate goal of The Perfume Foundation is to protect our perfume heritage and the Art of Natural Perfumery.

The Perfume Foundation is a non-profit organization (ASBL/VZW in Belgium).


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