The Fragrance Day 2022 to Galvanize Beauty Industry


As Spring 2022 dawns with continued uncertainty and ever-evolving changes to the global landscape, there is renewed optimism, creativity and innovation in the multi-billion-dollar fragrance industry.; @gucci; @byredo; @malinandgoetz

The Fragrance Day event, launched in 2018, is presented annually by The Fragrance Foundation on March 21. Introducing consumers everywhere to the transformative power of fragrance, The Fragrance Day is shining a spotlight on the latest trends that are influencing and shaping the industry. For 2022, these include a reinforced commitment to sustainability, and fragrances that feature ingredients promoting wellness and self-care. The Fragrance Day 2022 also serves to unite the fragrance community around the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion and the critical need to ensure that the industry accurately reflects the populations it serves and provides opportunities for people of all backgrounds to build and shape lasting careers.

The free event will be held on Monday, March 21 from 12:00 PM EST to 5:00 PM EST and feature exclusive content and real-time opportunities for the public to virtually engage with their favorite brands, beauty industry experts and influencers. The event will also include from Dr. Pamela Dalton, Research Scientist, the Monell Center on the findings of COVID’s effect on the sense of smell.

“The Fragrance Day 2022 promises to be our most exciting and impactful to date,” says Linda G. Levy, president of The Fragrance Foundation. “At no other time or place will the public have the opportunity to hear first-hand about fragrance innovations from brand creators themselves, as well as experiencing the inspirational stories and insights from women at the forefront of the industry who are using their platforms to amplify and uplift during these challenging times.”

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Among the more than 30 participating brands are: Aerin, Cartier, Givenchy, Harlem Candle, the premier of Billie Eilish’s new fragrance, Eilish Eau de Parfum and World of Chris Collins, the first African American-owned brand to be featured in Bergdorf Goodman and Sephora.  Some 100 retailers will also participate, including Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, bluemercury, Ulta, Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret. New this year will be notable influencers paired with new TFF members to share their perspectives. These include Kudzi Chikumbu (@sircandleman), Tiff Benson (@tiffbenson), Emma Vernon (@perfumeroompod). Beauty Editor and Brand Consultant Katie Becker will also interview fashion designer Francisco Costa, creator of perfume brand Costa Brazil.


The Fragrance Day 2022 is a natural progression of #FragranceForwardTFF, The Fragrance Foundation’s sweeping initiative to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.  With March marking Women’s History Month, the event will feature women who are driving industry diversity and innovation – while also providing a global platform for emerging leaders and voices to be heard and seen. They include Carol Hamilton, Group President of Acquisitions and West Coast Headquarters, L’Oréal USA and TFF Circle of Champion Honoree, and Ilaria Resta, Global President, Perfumery Division and Executive Board Director, Firmenich.

“This is also an opportunity for us to bring to light the dynamic experiences and opportunities that the industry can bring to bear for anyone, anywhere – regardless of gender, age, race, background, ability and sexual orientation. Together with our members, The Fragrance Foundation is driving diversity forward and making The Fragrance Day another plank in our #FragranceForwardTFF platform to drive measurable, tangible change for us all,” concludes Linda G. Levy.

#FragranceForwardTFF is designed to harness the collective power of TFF’s membership base to share and allocate dedicated resources towards education and scholarship programs, recruitment and outreach, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities. In addition to The Fragrance Day, TFF is also presenting a series of initiatives ranging from the first-ever fragrance scholarship to support diverse students at FIT; career development workshops at Historically Black Universities and other leading institutions of higher education across the country; as well as ongoing webinars that offer industry perspectives on DEI. TFF’s groundbreaking Foundation DEI Signatory Pledge is the center point of the initiative. TFF’s 100+ members – that include both independent and corporate entities – have committed not only to furthering their respective DEI goals, but also pledging to assist TFF in building and shaping #FragranceForwardTFF now and in years ahead. This will be achieved by galvanizing resources and creating opportunities for mentorship, educational advancement and more aggressive recruiting.