The Foiler Flying Yacht is redefining sailing and day cruising

This toy will sail above the waves at 40 knots in full comfort. With her retractable foils, her futurist design, her unique presence and bold extravagance, the FOILER from Enata Marine will probably create a little drama in your life…. but who doesn’t want it?

Foiler flying - onboard

Foiler; images:

With an avant-garde propulsion system combining two diesel and electric 320hps BMW engines, and ENATA’s custom electric torpedoes, the ENATA’s FOILER yacht is redefining sailing and day cruising.

ENATA Marine is the maritime and nautical division of ENATA Industries. Using cutting-edge technology, the shipyard located in Sharjah offers a wide range of solutions: from cruising catamarans to flying yachts and mega yachts. The Foiler 41 brings customers the technology of the America’s Cup in your private motor yacht. Using Hydros’ Swiss technology and ENATA’s expertise, the fully carbon built Foiler 41 will turn heads and open a new way of exploring the seas.

The hydro-foiling system, enabling the boat to fly 1.5m above the water, provides an unmatched experience. Anchored in the water by 4 powerful foils, the FOILER is both extremely stable and immune to wave interference. Driving the Foiler is surprisingly easy and effortless, and the subtle luxury will make any sailing session a relaxing and memorable experience, says Foiler’s builder.

Presented at Dubai Boat Show 2018, the FOILER is a radical evolution from any regular yacht. Its fullycarbon fiber hull is designed not only for a 007 look, but is also promised for easier takeoff, a smoothlanding, and comfortable sailing without using the foils.

Its two 320hp hybrid engines give the FOILER the speed and power needed, while also being able tocruise in full electric mode, and reduce the overall fuel consumption by 20% over a traditional yacht.

Certified for 8 passengers, the boat has an hybrid diesel electric propulsion.The two BMW inboard engines drive two generators providing the electrical power. The power is then delivered to two electrical torpedoes that drive the boat. In the “full electric” mode the boat reaches up to 10 knots.