The first ocean-going solar yacht to debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2018


Solar yacht SolarImpact creates an almost unlimited range for a whole new maritime experience.

SolarImapact Yacht  relies on solar-based energy supply and optimised SWATH construction. The world‘s first ocean-going solar yacht combines high-tech, sustainability, a contemporary lifestyle and luxurious accommodations.

Solar Impact Yacht renderings-

Solar Impact Yacht; photos:

After five years of research by the Swiss yachting company SolarImpact Yacht, the vision of a seaworthy solar yacht with futuristic modern aesthetics became reality. Debuting at 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival, this innovative high-tech design concept was developed “to combine luxurious convenience, modern design and sustainability, and make it capable of sailing the high seas.”

According to cyprus yachting magazine, “the solar yacht is energetically almost self-sufficient and with a top speed of over 20 knots also exceptionally fast. The reason for this is the choice of technical components, which together allow a high overall efficiency of the yacht and are optimally controlled by using artificial intelligence (AI).”

Solar Impact Yacht renderings-2018

Solar Impact Yacht; photos:

The solar yacht was also thought of two other important aspects: heavy seas and high noise. It glides almost silently and not wavering – even over meter-high waves. “Because the hull technology is based on the SWATH construction principle: Two torpedo-shaped buoyancy bodies under the water surface carry a platform arranged above the water level. This achieves a physical wave decoupling that reduces the yacht‘s roll and pitch by up to 90 percent. Even in heavy seas, it lies calmly in the water and the annoying sway has an end.” added cyprusyachtingmagazine.

With the development of its yacht, the company is fully in line with the trend of the current energy transition, and thus creates an almost unlimited range for a whole new maritime experience.

SolarImpact’s revolutionary ship technology will first be unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018, where visitors can explore a virtual 3D model of the solar yacht.

Solar Impact Yacht renderings-2018-

Solar Impact Yacht; photos:

Solar Impact Yacht renderings

Solar Impact Yacht; photos: