The Culture of Car Burnouts



Summernats2013 world guiness record

Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous burnout – Summernats; photo:;

Let’s talk about cars, speed, and smoke. The kind of adrenaline that car lovers and bikers are all about. Creativity will never die among humans. Whoever came up with the sport of car burnouts? There are people who love the fast life.

We are talking about the speed in cars and bikes. The way it makes your blood rush, what an awesome feeling it is. Most people are not aware of this sport, which is the reason why we thought of writing about it and how you can use the sports bet money you won at best usa betting sites to buy one. We feel that it is not a sport to be missed.

Street Machine Summernats 32

Summernats Championship; photo:

What Are Burnouts?

Burnouts are competitions to find who is more skilful in controlling their car. This sport started out as an underground thing. Because of the risks that are involved, it was not legalized. But now that it was made official, people who are now joining in and participating have been recorded to be a large number within a short space of time. Even shorter than the time it took online slots to become a thing.

To do burnouts drivers have to have the ability to control their car/s. We are not talking about ordinary cars but rather with specially modified brakes. How the cars function is utterly different from the normal cars that you use every day.

Drivers have to make sure that the tire bursts, and failure to do so well, that is the driver’s ticket out of the competition. Another thing that will make a driver disqualified is going out of the boundary. Usually, you will notice that the boundary is marked by a set of tires. But then again that depends on how they decide to set up their arena. So you must keep within the given space. And the other thing that drivers must note is the fact that you can’t spend the whole day trying to make your tire burst. That is why you are given a time frame of 90 seconds to do so.

Summernats cars


nz burnout championship

NZ Burnout Championships; photo: