The 6 Most Expensive Walk-in Wardrobe Features In The World

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Bespoke walk-in wardrobes can be built to suit a wide range of budgets and styles, meaning they are accessible to just about anyone as long as you have the space.

But there’s also a whole other level of walk-in wardrobe; a world where your wardrobe is not just a closet – it’s a bar, a computerised catalogue or a fridge to keep your furs. Read on for some of the most outrageous – and expensive – walk-in wardrobe features in the world.

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1. The temperature-controlled vault for fur coats

New York developer Keith Rubenstein had a three-room dressing suite custom-built for his wife, Inga.

The wardrobe is part of a shimmering suite they refer to as “Inga’s world” and features a display system for her collection of Birkin handbags, an antique desk where she presumably jots down outfit options for the day and a temperature-controlled vault for her furs. In case that wasn’t sufficiently over the top, she also has a fridge for her cosmetics and bath products.

2. The beverage station for refreshments

New York-based interior designer Kathleen Walsh had the opportunity to design a sanctuary for a couple who saw their walk-in wardrobe as a place to hide from their three young kids.

In addition to creating individual dressing rooms for the husband and wife, she linked them with a beverage station stocked with coffee and wine. The idea was that the couple could take a breather in the closet and have a tipple while getting ready for an event or grab a coffee after a workout. @FCI London

3. The chandelier

Nothing says luxury walk-in wardrobe like a Murano glass chandelier hanging overhead. Another deluxe project of Kathleen Walsh, this time the client briefed her to use an ostentatious, Venetian-bought chandelier that didn’t fit elsewhere in the house as it was “too gaudy.”

No such problems in their wardrobe, however, where the glitzy light hangs to presumably mock the couple in question every time they enter their dressing room. There’s a great range of bespoke walk-in wardrobes to view at FCI London, with or without custom-added chandeliers.

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4. The champagne bar

If you can’t have a glass of bubbly in your wardrobe, what are you even doing with your life? Not enough, according to a closet company in St Louis that installed a fully stocked champagne bar for a thirsty client.

The bar was tucked discreetly underneath a dressing counter while custom-built cabinets above held the glassware. The owner’s brief was to create somewhere she could have fun while dressing for events.

5. The computerised catalogue

Colorado-based architect Charles Cunniffe has installed walk-in wardrobes for a number of mansions from Florida to Aspen. His speciality is a computerised tracking system similar to those found at a dry cleaner.

The customisable cataloguing system treats clothes like artworks, allowing items to be archived and retrieved at the push of a button.

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6. The built-in watch winders

If you thought that these extravagant wardrobe features were mostly the domain of wealthy women, you’d be wrong. San Francisco-based interior designer David Oldroyd says that increasingly, men are getting in on the luxury closet action.

He recently oversaw the installation of a walk-in wardrobe where a dozen built-in watch winders were built into the suede-lined drawer of the gentleman’s closet. The watches were also lit so they would sparkle every time the drawer was opened.

These six features showcase the most lavish and off-the-wall ideas in the wild world of super-luxury wardrobes.

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