Tasty Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies have been a boom for several years already, popular with different people, regardless of gender, age, profession, location and zodiac sign. The reason for such immediate and immense popularity is the fact that smoothies as food combine a number of positive characteristics. Firstly, they are made of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other natural and healthy ingredients. therefore, this is basically natural raw food that is good for the body. Secondly, smoothies are very easy to prepare, and they are not that costly as, say, fresh juices. Thirdly, smoothies are easy to consume, they can be drank even on the go. And fourthly, smoothies are incredibly tasty!

Tasty Smoothies

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Recipes for Perfect Smoothies

If you are not yet an experienced smoothie-maker, you should consider consulting some recipes first. Say, daily harvest recipes yogalifestyles.com/daily-harvest-review/ can be useful for that purpose. Checking some, even the easiest, recipes will prevent you from making silly mistakes like adding too much water, or forgetting to peel the apples. Also, you will get the primary principle of making this drink, and will be able to experiment later with own ideas.

So, check some useful recipes for the first try:

  • Banana mix – two bananas, a cup of almond milk, two teaspoons of honey;
  • Strawberry banana – one banana, a cup of strawberries, a cup of yogurt, a teaspoon of honey;
  • Peach-Mango-Banana – one banana, one peach and half of mango, peeled and seeded, mixed with a cup of yogurt or cocoa milk;
  • Kiwi Strawberry mix – one cup of strawberries, two peeled kiwis, half cup of yogurt and a teaspoon of honey.

If you are not particularly into healthy eating, you can add milk, chocolate, sugar, or ice-cream.

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Smoothies for Yogi

However, if smoothies are consumed before or after yoga practice as a light snack to nourish the body, then all artificial products like chocolate should be avoided. Many yoga practitioners favor smoothies because they are easy to prepare and good for filling the stomach without making oneself feeling heavy and sleepy. Smoothies made of fresh fruit stimulate the body and brain, the digestive system and endocrine system, and the vitamins and elements are instantly absorbed by the blood. This is why after physical exercise specifically natural ingredients are crucial.

If you are more likely to buy smoothies from an organic food store rather than cook them on your own, ask the vendor to use only specific ingredients, or check the recipes available in the menu. Some shops add chemical flavours to make the smoothies taste more unusual, and to save money on actually natural ingredients like organic honey or maple syrup. Therefore, one has to be picky in order to avoid consuming just a dessert when the body requires organic product for nourishment.

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