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The American College Testing (ACT) Test is one of the most distinguished standardized tests for college admission. Passing this serves as a requirement for many US schools—a highly-recognized gateway to an important educational milestone. Hence, preparing for this exam is extremely important. This is a momentous time to demonstrate your skills in different test areas.

By following an effective preparation plan, utilizing a standard-quality set of study materials, and having a clear knowledge of what the exam is all about, you can plunge your way into your most desired US schools. To learn more about this nationally-acknowledged test, let’s break down each and every detail below.

To whom is ACT intended for

First and foremost,  if you  visit websites ACT Prep – you’ll notice that they are designed for high school juniors and seniors. This test serves as a yardstick for many US schools in determining the preparedness of their students in entering college. The ACT is comprised of a set of multiple-choice tests in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Aside from these four areas, there is also an optional writing exam.


The value of an ACT Test

Each test is designed to measure your critical skills. In fact, a good score in the ACT is what gives the school you’re applying to an assurance of your proficiency. So aside from your grades and educational program, your basic yet technical abilities are considered highly in your application. Needless to say, it is one great factor to be highlighted in your college application.   But on a personal level, your score on the ACT test helps in letting you discover what you’re best at across many career options. Through the scores you’ll get in the different subjects of the test, you will have an idea of the areas you excel the most, including those which need further improvement. In other words, you’ll have a clearer vision of what particular curriculum you’ll get into once you enter college.

  • ACT Mathematics Test

In this section, you’ll be required to bring out your high school level proficiency of the different math formulas. Apart from that, your basic computational skills will also be tested through the range of problem-solving questions. From the simplest math procedures to more advanced-level math ability, this 60-minute test requires you to not only recall but carefully analyze its 60 questions.

  • ACT English Test

This section is dedicated to assessing your competence in the English language. It covers topics that tackle the basic punctuation usage to complex essays that require your technical writing and overall language skills. You are to answer all 75 questions within the span of 45 minutes.

  • ACT Reading Test

This 35-minute exam’s questions evaluate your ability to fully comprehend multiple texts. By all means, it will challenge how you draw conclusions, compare and contrast, show evidence, analyze, and apply logical reasoning, among many others. It will test whether you’ve truly paid attention to even the slightest details and whether you can see the bigger picture from the 40 questions you are presented to.

  • ACT Science Test

The Science test consists of various scientific scenarios and passages across different branches in the natural sciences. This includes biology, physics, and chemistry, along with astronomy, geology, and meteorology. All in all, the exam is made up of 40 questions and has a time limit of 35 minutes.

  • ACT Writing Test

Although this is optional, most students still go for this section in order to fully test their potential. The 40-minute test is made up of only one writing prompt that delves on a particular scenario which will assess your literary capability. From this scenario, you will be asked to come up with your own perspective. Or, you can also opt for the other perspectives laid out in the test and analyze it with the whole scenario. The Prepaway ACT test will cost you about $50.50 without Writing section and $67 with this section.

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ACT Training materials

There are numerous study resources available for the ACT test. Most of them can even be found at the official website of ACT. Hence, you need not search for the most ideal physical and online study materials. Suggested below are different study resources you can utilize to make your preparation time most productive.

  • The Official ACT Prep Guide

This ACT prep book is among the most recommended materials for future test-takers. It is composed of practice exams that allow you to review hundreds of mentally-stimulating questions. Each test question has its corresponding explanations for either your correct or incorrect answers. The ACT-authorized book has even included a set of recommendations and tips to help you ace the test. You can also gain an idea as to how the exam will be scored through the discussion found in the book.

  • ACT Rapid Review

Another go-to resource is ACT’s very own Rapid Review. It is an online vessel that provides live instruction in a virtual classroom and a bountiful, on-demand video archive. The information provided in all of its test prep is anchored by expert instructors.

  • Union Test Prep’s study guide

Cost-free, convenient and highly-informative, the study guide found here makes all the difference. It makes refreshing your learning in many areas a lot easier through its summary of information along with its practice exams.

  • PrepAway

PrepAway is a well-known provider of sample exam questions for the ACT test. This trove of training materials is designed and submitted by successful exam takers who want to aid aspiring ACT candidates to reach their fullest potential. All learning materials provided by PrepAway are beneficial in your preparation process as it includes a multitude of insightful questions and answers in a highly realistic exam setting.



It is you who determines the quality of your ACT exam. Allow this test to bring the best out of you and chart your college success. Maximize all training materials, most especially PrepAway, and earn your ticket to your coveted college dream! To register for the ACT test, visit their official website, as this procedure can be done online.

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