Slow working: Fornasetti is illuminating the rooms of any home with eternal beauty


Fornasetti at Milano Design Week 2021.

@fornasetti for salone del mobile 2021

Fornasetti is evoking a visual universe that mixes the various eras and whose inspiration knows no creative boundaries. Art and design meet in Fornasetti’s most iconic storage units: curved cabinets, consoles and cabinets with clean lines are finely decorated by hand, according to the Fornasetti Atelier’s tradition.

Busts of Roman statues, architectural motifs, Greek keys and ancient meanders embellish the new furniture, accessories and porcelain that Fornasetti is presenting during Milan Design Week 2021.

Fornasetti brings together past and present, creating a dialogue between different historical periods, comparing canons and sediments, confounding and transforming its furniture in a journey through time. Its perspective and aesthetics remain rigorous and transformative, its objects able to reshape any space.

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2021, The Contemporary Antiquity collection narrates a journey through time. Marble busts, ancient keys and architectural façades celebrate the legendary classical and Renaissance periods as they intertwine with optical details and refined, modern lines. Furniture, home accessories and porcelain become the entry tickets for this imaginary exploration, revealing their evocative power.

Fornasetti Tall Console Teste Antiche €8.000; This item is being decorated and will be available from January 2022. The different stages of production follow the Atelier’s original processes and require 7 months for the creation of a piece of furniture. @fornasetti;

The dialogue between ancient and contemporary has involved Fornasetti on several fronts in recent years, from the area of cultural initiatives – with the exhibitions hosted at the Museo Nazionale Romano Palazzo Altemps and at the Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta in Parma, where imagery and products of the Atelier dialogue with the works and architecture of the museums – to the recent collaboration with Louis Vuitton, which saw Fornasetti decorations inspired by the classical world applied to contemporary clothing and accessories.


Today this quest is extended to a new group of objects from the Fornasetti Atelier, capable of evoking boundless worlds of imagination.

The new collection consists of a curved cabinet, one of the most popular pieces of Fornasetti furniture thanks to its elegant, rounded lines, a classic console and two others in the new taller form, with two decorative variants, as well as a raised cabinet and a stool. Each item of furniture is made of wood and produced, decorated and finished entirely by hand.

The furnishing accessories also include Fornasetti trays, available both in a rectangular wooden version, and a round metal version. Colour choices vary alternating black and white, illuminated by the presence of gold, to vibrant shades hand painted by the Atelier’s artisans. Rectangular, round, wooden or metal, Fornasetti trays are the highest expression of the game of variation that marries decoration and shape according to the principle of Practical Madness.

Completing the collection are accessories made in precious porcelain and decorated by hand, embellished by decorations in gold. Reality and illusion come together in this small porcelain collection. Centrepieces, mugs, pencil holders and ashtrays play on the contrast between ancient gold keys and the rigorous geometry of black and white.

The production process for every one of the Atelier’s creations is faithfully bound to age-old artisanal techniques, based on the importance of making by hand and “slow working”, which ensure the quality and uniqueness of each object.

The classic Fornasetti console evolves vertically with an original design that makes even more space for games of perspective with architectural design motif and antique busts.