Slip in luxury: Carbon skis and sledges

Audi carbon ski by AUDI concept design munich
Hublot sledge

Top auto brands are constantly offering to customers a package with discreetly branded luxury items, products that in addition to advanced aesthetic qualities are using the latest technologies.

The Audi Carbon Ski concept is a minimalist ultra-light design that focuses fully on one material: carbon. Designed to optimize maneuverability and speed, the ‘audi carbon ski‘ is the result of extensive researchand development by Audi, in collaboration with the the German Ski Association and Head’s ski specialists. The first prototypes have just been tested at Kitzbühel’s Downhill Hahnenkamm race (January 2011). 

Analyses generally used in motorsport were adapted to skiing, and calculations were performed to determine precisely the number of layers of carbon necessary to create an optimum balance of desired qualities. 

Not only skis are entering in the luxury brands viewfinder. While BMW sledges are accessible to all its clients, Hublot has recently announced a limited edition only to 10 copies. Hublot sledge will clearly take the way to museum or private collections. Following on from the Hublot skis and the Hublot All Black Bike, the Hublot Sledge is the fruit of a collaboration between Hublot and ECAL, as part of the MAS-Luxe course (Masters in Luxury Design and Industry) for which Hublot has been one of the main sponsors since its inauguration.

The exclusive sledge was officially on display at the Alpine World Ski Championships in Garmisch Partenkirchen for which Hublot is the Official Timekeeper.