Six Senses To Step Foot on The Greek Maldives, an Island That Even The Gods Left Undiscovered

On a Castaway Island Undiscovered by Even the Greek Gods, Six Senses Megalonisos will Open with Standalone Pool Villas and Branded Residences.

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The announcement of Six Senses Megalonisos indicates the emergence of ultra-luxury hospitality on the Megalonisos island, presenting an exciting opportunity for luxury tourism development in the region. Whereas the island of Evia or Euboea was said to have been separated from mainland Greece by a strike from Poseidon’s trident, the childhood home of Goddess Hera, and the battleground for the Titans versus the Giants, the tranquil and secluded Megalonisos has been left by history and mythology to snooze in the sun.

With Six Senses Megalonisos as a forthcoming luxury resort, the focus is likely to be on providing high-end accommodations, exceptional service, and unique experiences amidst the island’s natural beauty. The resort’s standalone pool villas and branded residences blend harmoniously into the bay’s contours, offering guests privacy and breathtaking views.

The resort is strategically positioned on a southerly white-sand cove, which provides a sense of seclusion and tranquility. Megalonisos, known as one of the 10 Petalioi islands and islets, boasts undiscovered beaches reminiscent of the “Greek Maldives.” This suggests that luxury tourism on Megalonisos will emphasize exclusivity, pristine natural surroundings, and the opportunity to escape from the more popular tourist destinations in Greece.

There will be 75 guest villas and 20 branded residences for sale, all unobtrusively blending into the contours of the bay, which is protected by prevailing winds to make it an ideal location for a mooring site for yachts and sailboats. The plentiful diving opportunities in the clear turquoise waters and uninterrupted hiking trails in undisturbed nature help create a range of out-of-the-ordinary experiences to stimulate, energize and restore. Easy day trips to Athens add to the appeal of exploring everything from Greece’s cultural heritage – the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Parthenon, and Temple of Olympian Zeus, to name just a few – to its abundant fine dining and street food scene.

Given the emphasis on sustainability and responsible tourism practices, Six Senses Megalonisos is likely to prioritize eco-friendly initiatives and integrate local cultural elements into its offerings. The resort’s commitment to solar energy and its eco-credentials align with Greece’s shifting approach toward sustainable tourism.

Six Senses was chosen for this project in part for its eco-credentials in terms of energy, materials, and operations, which support Greece’s shifting approach towards sustainable and responsible tourism practices. The development will be powered by its own solar electric farm.

The three restaurants include all-day dining, a beach bar and grill, and a specialty sunset bar. There will also be a pastry café, perfect for a coffee after a morning dip or sun salutation, along with a boutique.

The 1,700 square-meter Six Senses Spa will offer multiple treatment rooms, including four double sensory suites, a Watsu for a range of hydro therapies, and a Hammam for a warm herbal steam and body scrub.

Guests will enjoy locally inspired cuisine and spa treatments along with trademark experiences and brand differentiators, including Sleep, Eat, and Grow With Six Senses, the Alchemy Bar, Earth Lab, and Integrated Wellness.

As the development progresses and more information becomes available, it will be interesting to see how luxury tourism unfolds on Megalonisos and how it contributes to the island’s allure as an exceptional destination for discerning travelers seeking a unique and exclusive experience.

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