LVMH’s Sephora presents CHA LING, a Sino-French luxury skincare brand betting on aged tea

LVMH’s Sephora is Reconnecting China and the World Through Beauty

@Sephora presents CHA LING at the 5th CIIE

Developed by LVMH Research Center, the new CHA LING luxury beauty brand organically blends together Chinese and French culture to preserve China’s cultural and spiritual heritage, further deepening Sephora’s connection with the local Chinese market.

On November 5th, Sephora, the world’s largest prestige beauty retailer owned by LVMH, exhibited at the 5th CIIE and presents CHA LING, a Sino-French luxury skincare brand. This year, Sephora participated in LVMH Pavilion’s theme of “Reconnection” by showcasing CHA LING’s commitment to the Chinese market through four star products representing the fusion of Chinese and French culture.

Sephora China is a platform that integrates East and West, offering trendy beauty items from all over the world. At the same time, the company is dedicated to providing Chinese consumers with cutting-edge products.

As an important member of LVMH luxury Group, Sephora partners with CHA LING to showcase at the 5th CIIE for the second time.

Sephora’s booth at the 5th CIIE was located at the main entrance of the LVMH exhibition area. It featured Sephora’s classic black-and-white striped design and integrated images of Yunnan tea forests to show the perfect blend of Western minimalism and classical Eastern elegance.

Taking its inspiration from the emblematic architecture of Parisian square, LVMH’s Pavilion features a modern and unique design across 640 square meters of exhibition space. Under the theme of “Reconnection”, the Pavilion told the story of LVMH’s “New Connection with Outside World”, “New Connection with Own History”, “New Connection with Culture”, and “New Connection with Youth”, by showcasing the Maisons and their iconic high-end products.

CHA LING Heritage of Chinese and French Culture

Since entering the China market in 2017, CHA LING has been bringing consumers premium skincare products that combine Eastern and Western cultures through its brand philosophy of “Beauty with a meaning, for you, for the others, and for the world”.

At this year’s Expo, CHA LING showcased four star products rooted in local Chinese ecology and cultural innovation — CHA LING Eau de Toilette, CHA LING The Cream, CHA LING Treatment Essence, and CHA LING Infusion Serum.

The beautiful and effective CHA LING products were developed in the mysterious ancient tea forests of Yunnan using cutting-edge technology from the LVMH Research Center. The research team spent three years developing a special 9-step extraction process to extract pure molecules from rare Pu-er teas which are used to produce the powerful cosmetic complex B-DT Complex. The skin-nourishing properties accumulated over thousands of years can effectively prevent aging of the skin and combat stresses to the skin caused by the external environment. CHA LING’s special ingredient, aged tea, is sourced from the tea trees in Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan Province. In order to protect this natural ecology and preserve the area’s rainforests, CHA LING invests a portion of its proceeds to the conservation of Yunnan tea forests.

“Elements of Chinese and French cultures are firmly embedded in CHA LING’s DNA,” said Angela Shum, Brand General Manager of CHA LING Greater China. “From ingredients to brand philosophy, CHA LING is inextricably linked to Chinese culture. We will continue to interact with Chinese consumers and develop more innovative products that cater to the local needs to provide Chinese consumers with luxurious skincare experiences as well as genuinely memorable services.”

Sephora Continues Its Beauty Commitment

Sephora is committed to meeting the ever-changing beauty needs of Chinese consumers by curating the preferred brands from around the world and incubating new concepts and categories with meaningful brand stories to enrich its product offerings. As part of this commitment, Sephora leverages its strong global network, loyal community, and rich experiences in prestige beauty retail to support the development and growth of premium Chinese beauty brands.

To support the growth of CHA LING in China, Sephora has offered its rich resources in omnichannel sales and distribution, as well as its in-depth insights into Chinese consumer trends. Since CHA LING’s entrance into Sephora over three years ago, Sephora has helped the brand to successfully upgrade its services and expand its channels. These actions include the launch of a dedicated lifestyle product line to expand commercial opportunities, and the creation of the CHA LING Tmall flagship ecommerce store. In offline strategies, Sephora has also partnered with CHA LING to launch the brand’s spa treatment services and its exclusive Beau-Tea Class, helping the brand to diversify its product portfolio. In July this year, CHA LING has already reached the cumulative sales of RMB100 million on Sephora channels.

@Sephora presents CHA LING at the 5th CIIE