Scoot around in the office with Vespa-Seat

Vespa-Seat: the bel&bel Vespa-Seat Limited Edition

All Vespa lovers have a new motif to celebrate the new Vespa-Seat chairs made from the front shells of the decommissioned scooters. The limited edition rotating chairs produced by Barcelona-based Bel & Bel creative design studio from original pieces of the legendary Piaggio Scooter offer lots of options for customization.

“The chair presents a strong internal structure and a hydraulic piston for height regulation. It is a really comfortable and ergonomic chair leather upholstered. The traditional character of the piece combined with modern lines makes it a unique product and a sample of the most Avant-garde Art design,” declared Bel & Bel artists.

“The germ of the idea of working with our garbage comes from a primarily ecological idea: the recycling. We are surrounded by “useless” objects falling into disuse, everyone seems to melt what no longer is wanted even when it is not damaged. And we observed from the large amount of waste and innutilitzats objects that surround us, we decided to reuse what may seem useless and give a new life, most artistic and durable,” explained Carles Bel& Jesús Bel: the bel&bel artists.

To see the bel&bel Vespa-Seat, don’t hesitate to visit The Piaggio Museum Giovanni Alberto Agnelli in the city of Pontedera, Italy.