Royal Ascot Meets Haute Couture: A Fabienne Delvigne Fashion Affair

Hat Talk and Tea Delights: Fabienne Delvigne’s Journey at Royal Ascot x Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire.

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This month, racegoers from across the UK will be readying themselves for the ultimate British summer event, Royal Ascot. From exquisite fashion to exhilarating races and magnificent culinary experiences, there truly is something for everyone at this spectacular event.

Royal Ascot is a highly anticipated event that captures the essence of British summer. It brings together a fusion of fashion, thrilling horse races, and extraordinary culinary experiences, making it an unparalleled spectacle. This year, Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire is collaborating with renowned Belgian hat designer Fabienne Delvigne to create a unique display of fashion and offer a hat-inspired afternoon tea. From June 14 to 24, 2023, guests can immerse themselves in the world of elegance and indulge in a taste of royal-tea.

Fabienne Delvigne, a milliner celebrated for her exceptional craftsmanship, has earned a reputation as the go-to designer for members of various European royal families, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Sweden. Her headwear designs embody sophistication and timelessness, garnering widespread acclaim throughout Europe. At the special event hosted by Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, Fabienne will present her exquisite creations, giving attendees an opportunity to marvel at her artistry.

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To complement Fabienne’s beautiful hat designs, Executive Pastry Chef Maxime Gourlain has crafted a delectable afternoon tea experience. The menu features four hat-inspired cakes that pay homage to Fabienne’s work. Each cake is a culinary masterpiece, combining flavors and textures to create a delightful experience for the taste buds.

Among the creations are:

Lady Blue: This cake embodies elegance with its combination of jasmine tea, red cherry pannacotta, and Tahitian vanilla whipped ganache. The delicate flavors blend harmoniously to create a heavenly treat.

Artemisia: Matcha and white chocolate bavaroises are paired with kalamansi Cambridge cream in this cake, offering a balance of richness and tanginess. The intricate flavors are a testament to Chef Maxime’s artistry.

Hestia: Coconut mousse, rose water, and raspberry jelly come together to create a cake that exudes femininity and grace. The refreshing flavors of rose water and raspberry beautifully complement the richness of the coconut mousse.

Chinaty: For chocolate enthusiasts, the Chinaty cake is a dream come true. It features pecan and nyangbo 68% chocolate choux with a light tonka beans insert. The combination of nutty pecan, velvety chocolate, and the hint of tonka beans is a true indulgence.

On June 22, 2023, Fabienne Delvigne will take guests on an intimate journey into the captivating world of hats at Four Seasons in Hampshire. During a talk, she will share her remarkable journey, from establishing her own start-up to becoming a Royal Warrant Holder. Fabienne will also recount her collaborations with esteemed fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani, Chanel, and Dior, as well as her experience working with European royal families. Attendees will gain insight into the process of hat creation and Fabienne’s experimental designs for special events, all accompanied by fascinating anecdotes. Moreover, Fabienne will reveal the secrets to finding the perfect hat, adding a touch of savoir-faire to the event.

As an additional highlight, Fabienne Delvigne will be available for personal appointments with guests and spa members from June 20 to 24, 2023, in either London or Hampshire. This exclusive opportunity allows individuals to consult with the esteemed designer, receiving personalized guidance on hat selection and bespoke creations.

The collaboration between Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire and Fabienne Delvigne brings together two worlds of luxury and craftsmanship. Whether one is attending Royal Ascot or simply seeking a taste of sophistication, this partnership promises to deliver a remarkable celebration of style and culinary artistry.

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