Fragrant Herbs and Edible Blossoms Collected On 2023 Rosenthal Decors by Regula Stüdli

Fancy some floral dreams? Take a look at the blossoms and colours of the Rosenthal Decors by Regula Stüdli.

@Rosenthal Porcelain by Regula Stüdli

With vivid colours, flowers, and mild winds, spring conveys a romantic mood.

Swiss textile designer Regula Stüdli collected spring poetic impressions on the fine bone china and created the graceful floral décors Fleurs Sauvages, Fleurs des Alpes and Grand Air as a virtuous ode to spring.

The designer Regula Stüdli is one of the best-known textile designers in Switzerland. After studying at the University of Art and design in Zurich, she worked for over ten years in the creation department of the renowned Swiss textile company Jakob Schlaepfer. Regula Stüdli has been working independently since July 2012 and creates motifs, symbols and decorations of sparkling vitality for fashion companies and the interior and architecture sectors. For Rosenthal, she has designed the décors Brillance Fleurs Sauvages, Fleurs des Alpes, Grand Air, Maria Pink Rose and Sanssouci Chambre Bleue, among others.

@Rosenthal Porcelain by Regula Stüdli

Rosenthal: Fleurs Sauvages

It looks as if the flower children had picked fresh blossoms and grasses and then let them fall, lost in their dreams. With an almost supernatural naturalness, the floral dreams of Swiss designer Regula Stüdli flourish in a surreal garden of the Fleurs Sauvages décor. The fantastic floral arrangements form a delightful contrast to the practical elegance of the Brillance form.

The collection celebrates in 2023 its 10th anniversay and stands not only for a thin porcelain, light weight, high transparency and a warm shine of the surface, but also for its elegant design. The brilliant interplay of two contrasting design elements is the distinctive feature: the surface and the sphere. Both uncompromisingly realized, they create a fascinating dialogue out of which a harmonious tension arises.

@Rosenthal Porcelain by Regula Stüdli

Rosenthal: Fleurs des Alpes

The diverse Alpine landscape and its blossoming mountain meadows have entranced Regula Stüdli ever since her childhood. On hiking trips to the tops of hills and mountains, her path was lined with hardy and brightly coloured plants. Inspired by this overwhelming experience of nature, the Swiss textile designer has created a flower design for the Brillance series that is as lively as it is delicate.

Stüdli has combined the beauty of columbine, the alpine crocus and the star of Bethlehem with a delicate tableau of leaves and branches. These beautiful flowers of yellow, white and blue wind their way tendril-like across plates and cups, the vivid colours and attention to detail almost tangibly evoking the intensive aroma of the alpine blossoms.

@Rosenthal Porcelain by Regula Stüdli

Rosenthal: Grand Air

Swiss textile designer Regula Stüdli takes us on a walk through the lush herb garden. The floral décor “Grand Air” is as light and fresh as a nature experience in fresh mountain air. As if blown by the wind and combined by nature into a multicoloured flower ensemble, spicy herbs and edible blossoms arranged in small bunches, scattered loosely or arranged in circles to form ornaments, float freely over the Brillance form and merge with it to form a sensual whole.

The almost transparent porcelain body underlines the elegance and lightness of the graceful floral décor. Fragrant herbs such as rosemary, thyme and lavender, bright meadow flowers such as nasturtium and marigold combined with the filigree beauty of cosmea, come together with other edible wild flowers such as cornflower, pansies and daisies in the picturesque flowerbed. Slightly poisonous flowers used as medicines glow a delicate pink. Place, dinner and bread plates as well as saucers in soft sage green provide freshness and tranquillity and contrast with the white bone china.

@Rosenthal Porcelain by Regula Stüdli