Rev Up Your Walls with Porsche: The Ultimate Ride in Home Painting

Porsche’s iconic car colors, now for your home for the first time in limited-edition premium paint.

@Porsche x @Backdrop limited-edition premium paint.

Porsche Launches Limited-edition Paint Colors For Your Home. Porsche teams up with Backdrop to bring an array of colors to your walls.

Four limited-edition paint colors launched to celebrate the history of Porsche sports cars


Prepare to take your home interior on a joyride with Porsche’s latest collaboration. In a groundbreaking partnership with premium paint brand Backdrop, Porsche Cars North America is bringing the iconic colors of their legendary sports cars straight to your walls. Buckle up and get ready to explore a world of vibrant hues that celebrate Porsche’s 75th anniversary in style.

Introducing four limited-edition paint colors inspired by the rich history of Porsche sports cars. These shades will transform your living space into a captivating oasis of color and creativity:

Irish Green: A dark hunter green that made its debut in 1964 on the legendary 356C sports car. This timeless shade has also graced the iconic Porsche 911, embodying the essence of sophistication and timeless design.

Speed Yellow: Unleash your inner daredevil with this vibrant yellow that first appeared on the Porsche 911 in 1991. It’s a color for those who crave attention and appreciate the exhilaration of life behind the wheel.

Ruby Star: Dive into a deep magenta red that has adorned Porsche 911, 928, and 944 models over the years. This bold and joyful hue will infuse your space with passion and a touch of the extraordinary.

Riviera Blue: Strap in for a wild ride with this electric bright blue, developed in 1994 and showcased on the 911, 928, and 968 models. Let your walls make a bold statement that turns heads and sparks conversations.

Ayesha Coker, Vice President of Marketing of PCNA, explains, “Individualization is at the core of Porsche. Whether it’s a custom-built Taycan or your home office, we want to inspire all to dream in full color.” And Porsche is doing just that by partnering with Backdrop to bring their beloved aesthetic into the realm of home interior design.

Backdrop, known for their love of color and self-expression, is thrilled to collaborate with Porsche. Natalie Ebel, Co-Founder of Backdrop, exclaims, “It has been an absolute dream come true to collaborate with Porsche, especially during its 75th anniversary year, and to be inspired by its rich history.” Together, they have curated a collection that will inject new life and energy into your home, celebrating both design and the spirit of self-expression.

@Porsche x @Backdrop limited-edition premium paint.

To make this collaboration even more special, the four-piece collection is available in a custom-designed, co-branded collectible paint can, accompanied by a limited-edition Porsche 75 leather key chain. It’s not just a paint job; it’s an experience that reflects the passion and precision of the Porsche brand.

So, gear up and let your walls accelerate into a world of color and luxury. With Porsche x Backdrop, your home will become a testament to both exceptional automotive engineering and exquisite interior design. Get ready to embark on the ultimate ride in home painting and transform your space into a true work of art.

Disclaimer: Please note that the paint colors are not guaranteed to increase the horsepower of your home, but they will undoubtedly boost its style and make it the envy of the neighborhood.

@Porsche x @Backdrop limited-edition premium paint.

@Porsche x @Backdrop limited-edition premium paint.