recycled factory waste: Luxury brand launches tiles made from 100 percent recycled waste materials

@The Abstra Collection by @Kohler WasteLAB

 Kohler has debuted The Abstra Collection by Kohler WasteLAB, a new series of bespoke brushed and matte tiles for residential and commercial installations, made from nearly 100 percent recycled waste materials.  This is the second tile collection by KOHLER WasteLAB utilizing the company’s pottery refuse to create sustainable products for the home.

The Abstra Collection by Kohler WasteLAB evokes the appearance of carved or sculpted clay with two different styles from which to choose: Abstra Feature, which is a series of abstract patterned tile with raised and relief designs and an undulating surface; and Abstra Standard, an unadorned field tile with the same undulating surface detail.

When developing the Abstra Collection, the WasteLAB decided to take waste conversion one step further, exploring a radical new avenue in their sustainability efforts. The WasteLAB pioneered a way to leverage the Kohler WI Pottery’s wastewater stream for Abstra’s tile body. Consisting primarily of pottery waste clay and glaze, the material is dewatered and processed into a useable base material.

“Abstra has a fluidity that is continuous, yet ever-changing in its contrasting surface details,” said Dana Morales, Senior Designer – Kohler Co.  “There are the raised and relief patterns, multiple geometric shapes, a soft, matte color palette based in nature, and subtle surface undulation that create complexity and depth.  Through these new WasteLAB designs, we provide the tools to create an imaginative canvas and explore new ways to express yourself.”

Featuring an organic palette of colors based in nature, Abstra Feature and Abstra Standard are offered in the Cloud, Ash, Storm, Buff, Sage, Marigold, and Velvet matte finishes, and Linen, Crete, Terra Cotta, and Slate brushed finishes. The Feature and Standard designs can be used alone or mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind design statement.

The Abstra Feature and Abstra Standard tiles can be purchased in the U.S. and Canada through ANN SACKS Showrooms.  Both are available in 3″x12″, 4″x4″, 6″x6″, and 6″x12″ field sizes.  Abstra is ideal for any vertical dry interior applications.  The matte shades are also able to accommodate wet spaces, such as showers and submerged areas, and dependent upon method of installation, have passed freeze/thaw climate testing making it an exceptional candidate for the outdoors.  The Brushed finishes are not recommended for wet surfaces due to the porous nature of the finish.  Sold by the box, suggested lay-ups for those preferring some direction assistance with their installation will be available.  The tiles can also be laid in any artful, imaginative combination for a personalized design statement.

“The new collection is proof that with creativity, ingenuity and an innovative spirit, we can turn waste into something truly beautiful and functional, leaving a positive impact on the world around us,” said Ratish Namboothiry, director, Innovation for Good & Sustainability, Kohler Co.  “From its humble, sustainable roots as a start-up business in Kohler’s Innovation for Good program, the WasteLAB is helping Kohler deliver on its commitment to a better planet in that we are mitigating waste to landfill.  In turn, there remains a thoughtful flexibility to Abstra that encourages individual creativity, and a uniqueness that makes it unlike anything currently in the marketplace.”

@The Abstra™ Collection by @Kohler WasteLAB