An Etiquette Guide for Flying by Private Jet

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With the dramatic increase in interest in international travel following the relaxing of coronavirus restrictions, it is no surprise that a sympathetic demand for private jets has emerged. Private jets are a luxurious way to travel and a crucial one for international businesses on the go. Private travel allows swift movement from country to country in comfort, style and peace.

But private travel is different from commercial travel and requires a different approach as a passenger. If you intend to rent private jets on a regular basis for work or leisure, you should avail yourself of the following tips with regard to conduct and etiquette. Flying privately is a privilege and treating that privilege properly can ensure you’ll enjoy it properly.

Arrive Early

For any form of private jet travel, whether a customer or guest, you should make sure to arrive in ample time for the scheduled take-off. Thankfully, early arrival for a private jet doesn’t quite mean the same thing as early arrival for commercial flights; rather than being beholden to drawn-out hours-long check-in processes, you’ll instead circumvent baggage and airport security near-entirely. Nonetheless, you should endeavour to show up at least half an hour before your flight is due to depart, to account for any delays in travel and ensure the flight can set off on time.


Dress Appropriately

While strictly speaking there is no dress code for private jet travel, you should ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the purpose of your travel. If you are taking a private jet as part of a company’s business trip, business attire is a must; the journey is more than just a commute, and important business may also take place on the flight. If you’ve been invited to a holiday via private jet, you can relax a little – but should still ensure you are dressed in keeping with your host’s expectations.

Behave Respectfully

Respect and sensitivity to your hosts also extend to overall behaviour, as well as dress code. Flying private is an occasion for many, and it can be easy to get carried away – especially where alcohol is available. Be sure to remain polite and respectful, and to moderate your drinking if on a longer flight. The flight’s crew are as much a host as the person who invited you on the flight and should be treated with the same respect to ensure a smooth flight.

Make Any Requests Ahead of Time

You might have specific allergies or dietary requirements that the jet’s staff should be aware of. Making them aware of any needs you have ahead of time can ensure you are correctly catered for during the flight; otherwise, staff may be unable to fulfill your needs on-flight.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

While private travel skips many steps in the conventional air travel process, there are still some immutable parts to international travel for which it’s important to be prepared – and the customs process is one of them. You will need your passport to gain legal entry into other countries, and some may also require visas for entry. Make sure you have these packed and ready before you leave.