Rankin Is Inspiring Triumph Women To ‘Find The One For Every You’

Rankin for Triumph’s ‘Find The One For Every You’.

Rankin for Triumph Find The One For Every You

Renowned Celebrity and Fashion Photographer Rankin is the photographer behind Triumph’s new global Spring Summer 2017 campaign, ‘Find The One For Every You’. Starring international model and entrepreneur Jessica Hart, the campaign marks a new creative direction for the lingerie brand.

For this campaign with Triumph, Rankin plays on real personalities rather than an ideal reflection, resulting in a dynamic campaign. Featuring in the campaign are Triumph’s most coveted styles – from leisurewear to seductive, functional and sporty. Styles include the iconic, feminine Amourette 300, the innovative Magic Boost, and the latest in sports bra technology, Triaction.

“Triumph’s Spring/Summer 2017 campaign celebrates ‘Every You’, a story of modern women and their multifaceted lives: she is an athlete, she is a business woman, she is a mother, she is sexy, she is confident,” explains the international underwear manufacturer founded in 1886 in Heubach, Germany.

Rankin for Triumph Find The One For Every You 2017- hot fiesta Jessica Hart & Rankin

“The new creative concept shows just how Triumph bras support women, whatever they do, highlighting the breadth of Triumph lingerie, to help women ‘Find the One’ for every age, shape, size and occasion.”

“The most exciting thing about working on Triumph’s Spring/Summer 2017 campaign is that the brand is moving in a whole different direction,” commented Rankin. “The images are modern, accessible and incredibly confident. We’re really pushing the fact that it’s not just for the “perfect”women. Triumph is for every woman and every woman can wear Triumph and feel really confident init. For me, this is an exciting thing to be involved with and really reflects what is going on in the real world,” added the British portrait and fashion photographer.

Jessica Hart adds: “It’s a really cool new look and I’m super excited to be part of it -representing this playful side of Triumph that speaks to all women. Triumph understands that women play so many roles in their everyday life – we’re fascinating creatures! A huge part of being yourself is feeling comfortable. One day you might feel more like being cosy and supported, another you might want to feel sexy and strong. The exceptional fit and comfort ofTriumph products lets you be whoever you want to be and that’s something I really love.”

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