Putting your travel trends for 2019 in motion: three new small luxury hotels


These three new small luxury hotels offer anything from seeking undisturbed relaxation to pampered indulgence.

bank hotel stockhoml sweden

Bank Hotel Stockholm Sweden; photo: bankhotel.se

2019 is set to be another exciting year for travel. Our desire to stay in unique types of accommodations will only grow. According to booking dot com predictions, over half of global travelers (53%) plan to take more weekend trips in 2019. “It’s a year that’s predicted to be all about made-to-measure, bite sized travel with more curated travel itineraries squeezed into shorter time frames.”

The new year will see the adoption of more innovations in transport like biometric technology and more flight routes. Turkish Airlines (الخطوط التركية), the carrier flying to more countries than any other airline in the world, is continuously expanding its private and luxury transfer service.

“One of the biggest trends we’ll see in 2019 is continued investment in airport infrastructure projects, without adding to the tax burden placed on the traveling public,” said Alison McAfee, managing director of communications for Airlines for America, the trade and lobbying organization that represents the airline industry, quoted by travelagewest.

Cultural exchanges, eco activism, micro trips, virtual agents and a ‘less is more’ mentality are the biggest travel trends for next year, says booking.com

Carriers around the globe are eyeing eco-friendly practices more than ever. Delta Air Lines, for example, is removing a variety of single-use plastic items from its aircraft and its Delta Sky Clubs, following the removal of plastic wrap from international main cabin cutlery this past April. And United Airlines set a goal in September to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent over the next few decades.

“The very definition of luxury is changing. It is much more about the luxury of experience, rather than just thread count. It’s no longer only about having the top suite in a hotel, flying first-class or dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant. It is increasingly about privacy, exclusivity, and customization,” – Keith Baron, President, Abercrombie & Kent USA.

A new Fairmont’s research shows that 2-in-3 luxury travelers (65%) consider it important to have experiences that are not accessible to everyone. Today’s luxury travelers covet hotels that are distinctive to the destination, and offer the opportunity to explore and engage with the locale, its neighborhoods, and the people within it.

Sleep in a luxury hotel that was once a bank in Stockholm or experience Japan’s first dispersed hotel.

The diverse  collection of new boutique hotels is sure to excite any traveler, says small luxury hotels of the world.

enso ango hotel japan-

photo: ensoango.com

Enso Ango Fuya II, Kyoto, Japan – an artful boutique retreat designed with tranquility in mind

In this new innovative distributed hotel concept, the Kyoto itself becomes the stage. Enso Aango aspires to take you “out of the static loop of large hotels and staged photo opportunities, and into a dynamic world of organic city life.”

Set across five Zen-inspired traditional Machiya structures, Enso Ango is Japan’s first dispersed hotel with rooms and amenities scattered a few roads apart.

Guests can uncover clarity of mind through Zen meditation sessions with Buddhist priests of Ryōsokuin temple, take lessons in traditional cooking and crafts, practice yoga in the Tatami Salon or take part in a traditional tea ceremony in the collapsible tea room made from bamboo and Japanese paper.

terrace bank suite

photo: bankhotel.se

Bank Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

At check-in you are immediately reminded of the hotel’s historical bank heritage, reimagined in a bold, vibrant setting – and all within walking distance of Stockholm’s finest shopping, nightlife and cultural attractions.

Architect Thor Thorén blended elements of art-deco extravagance with the traditional solidity expected of a bank’s headquarters including oversize bronze doors and a glass ceiling. All rooms combine a soft, natural colour palette with sumptuous design flourishes that evoke the building’s blend of history and modernity. Bathrooms focus on elegance and quality, with judicious use of marble and bronze adding just a splash of decadence.

art paradiso hotel deluxe suite

art paradiso hotel deluxe suite; photo: p-city.com

Art Paradiso Hotel, Incheon, South Korea – the hotel suite becomes your own private art gallery

Hotel Art Paradiso is a lifestyle design hotel filled with modern and contemporary artworks, a hotel inspired by European
boutique hotels, offering leisure and artistic inspiration with its 58 suites.

Located next to Incheon Airport, the nation’s main gateway to the world, Art Paradiso Hotel sits within the stylish Paradise City resort, an integrated resort complex featuring art and entertainment facilities, a spa, a club, a shopping arcade and more.

The first floor lobby features a piece of art created by artist Paik Nam-June and inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film “The Birds” whereas the wall at the Clock Lounge is adorned with 12 photos from the “Lady Justice” series by Australian artist Alexia Sinclair. The elevators have been decorated by Xeva, a Korean graffiti artist, with artwork depicting the day and night of a city.

hotel art paradiso junior suite

hotel art paradiso junior suite; photo: p-city.com