Pure Perfumes or The Fine Art of Layering For An Infinite Number of Unique Scents

Created for lovers of olfactory journeys, Pure Perfumes layer with an array of Louis Vuitton’s iconic fragrances to compose an infinite number of unique scents. Spontaneous, sensory interpretations freely inspired by the compositions of the Maison’s Master Perfumer.

Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud celebrates the purity of three mythical essences concentrated to the extreme, imagining a ritual of absolute refinement to personalize the trails of Louis Vuitton’s iconic fragrances.

“I wanted to present our clients with a unique opportunity: to have the most exquisite materials at their disposal, in their purest form, so that they may endlessly personalize their fragrance.” – Jacques Cavallier Belletrud

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Oud: The Scent of Paradise

A precious resin extracted from Aquilaria trees in Southeast Asia, Assam oud is concentrated to the extreme by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud – exalting a composition of raw minimalism cocooned in the luminous, cottony softness of white musks. Pur Oud adds depth to Louis Vuitton’s iconic fragrances with its woody, smoky facets.

Amber: The Stone of the Ocean

One of the rarest raw materials in the world, ambergris washes ashore after a long ocean voyage that enriches it with an animal, honeyed and slightly marine scent. A woody, musky infusion that exhales its sensuality in successive waves, Pur Ambre brings a freshness of adventure and mystery to the trail of the Maison’s iconic fragrances.

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Sandalwood: The Scent of Eternity

A sacred commodity to many cultures for its centuries-old heritage, sandalwood embodies a key ingredient in the perfumer’s palette for its creamy, velvety scent. With Pur Santal, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud elevates this essence to new heights by infusing it with the radiant breath of two floral, airy notes, bringing power and elegance to Louis Vuitton’s iconic fragrances.

“There are no absolute rules to layering. It’s a very personal practice: you must listen to your feelings, experiment, and accept that the occasional mistake is part of the process. But once you’ve got it, it’s yours forever.” – Jacques Cavallier Belletrud

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