In ten years’ time, every beauty counter will have dedicated area for all of skin’s microbiome needs, says Mother Dirt




Mother Dirt, the Boston-based microbiome company, announces its nationwide launch into luxury UK retailer Harvey Nichols, alongside an interactive pop-up at the store’s flagship in Knightsbridge.
The Mother Dirt pop-up will be open at the flagship Knightsbridge store until October 31st.

Mother Dirt - the best-selling AO+ Mist is a live bacteria spray to repopulate the lost peacekeeper on the skin

The best-selling AO+ Mist is a live bacteria spray to repopulate the lost peacekeeper on the skin @motherdirt /

Mother Dirt brings bacteria-based skincare to life in the UK & Ireland with launch at forward-thinking luxury retailer, Harvey Nichols.

Founded after a groundbreaking discovery by MIT graduates, Mother Dirt has a unique, research-backed offering in the personal care market. Its core technology is based around a “peacekeeper bacteria” ( ammonia-oxidizing bacteria) that thrived on our skin for most of human existence until indoor lifestyles and modern personal care products removed it over the past century.

The results of double-blind cosmetic studies demonstrated the important role this peacekeeper plays in balancing all dry, oily, and sensitive skin types, while improving the look and feel of the skin, promoting normal pH, and helping reduce dependence on conventional products. To help users promote a balanced skin microbiome, the skincare brand has created a two-step approach:

  • Restore: the best-selling AO+ Mist is a live bacteria spray to repopulate the lost peacekeeper on the skin.
  • Maintain: a supporting range of basic daily essentials formulated without bacteria but in a specific manner to be friendly to the ecosystem of the skin.
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The skincare brand launched its innovative range into Harvey Nichols stores in the UK & Ireland this month, as the retailer’s first ever probiotic skincare.

The launch coincides with a pop-up in Knightsbridge until October, where its hero product, the AO+ Mist, will be showcased in a refrigerator to keep the live culture active. Through shifting the definition of “clean” away from sterile and toward a healthy, balanced biome, visitors to the pop-up will see how studying the past allowed Mother Dirt to reimagine a future for skin health that’s holistic, and filled with good bacteria — the way nature intended.

“We’ve seen some really exciting growth in the gut health market in recent years and consumers are witnessing the positive benefits of good bacteria through the use of probiotics. Mother Dirt is a brand born out of research and as a reaction to the rise of skin concerns that have increased with our modern hygiene standards,” said Jasmina Aganovic, president of Mother Dirt. “We enable consumers to take control of their relationship with their skin by restoring good bacteria and maintaining a balanced microbiome.”

“Research in the next five years will shine a spotlight on the benefits of treating specialised skin concerns with bacteria, and retailers will no longer be able to shy away from offering these solutions for consumers. This is the future of beauty and personal care,” said Aganovic. “We firmly believe, in ten years’ time, every beauty counter will have a dedicated area for all of your skin’s microbiome needs, likely shifting the retail format to include everything from refrigerators to on-counter skin screening. As challenging as it’s been to be the first, and to require a different format like refrigeration, we’re excited to pave the way, and couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with a forward thinking retailer like Harvey Nichols to bring this new wave of innovation to the UK & Ireland.”

The AO+ Mist is clinically proven to restore clarity and balance to all skin types within four weeks of use, and is supported by a full line of biome-friendly products, including Foaming Cleanser, Moisturiser, Shampoo, Body Oil, and Body Wash – each of which help maintain beneficial microorganisms on the skin as opposed to washing them away.

In 2018, Mother Dirt was part of a 6-month exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum called The Future Starts Here which demonstrated the power of design in shaping the world of tomorrow.

Mother Dirt Portfolio August 2019-

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