The Oceanco Kairos e-hybrid superyacht proposes a new kind of ocean life



Oceanco, Pininfarina and Lateral have joined forces to recalibrate yacht design with KAIROS. The Pininfarina Oceanco Kairos is powered by inventive e-hybrid technology.

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Kairos is the result of a first-time collaboration between renowned design studio Pininfarina and large custom yacht builder Oceanco, with technical design and engineering development provided by Lateral Naval Architects. The superyacht has been designed to provide a life onboard that is without boundaries and developed around an E-Hybrid propulsion system that uses batteries as the primary source of energy. Created in harmony with Oceanco’s NXT initiative on sustainability and innovation, Kairos gives an insight into how technology that is currently available can pave the way for a tangible future of sustainable yachting.

“KAIROS is a remarkable vision shared by three passionate, forward-thinking partners: Pininfarina, Lateral and Oceanco,” comments Marcel Onkenhout, Oceanco’s CEO. “When Owners see the Oceanco NXT endorsement on a yacht’s design, they know they can expect elevated standards of life onboard that are in tune with new perspectives on sustainability and lifestyle.”

“Our passion as designers is to imagine new concepts of space that are capable of bringing enchantment to every moment of the yachting experience,” comments Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “On Kairos, time, space and people connect to be one in the moment. The owner and their guests are at the epicenter of the onboard experience and the surrounding space adapts to their every desire.”

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Kairos is taken from one of the ancient Greek words for time, in this instance meaning the time that is associated with being energized by possibility, celebration and the potential of the future.

The yacht’s exterior has been shaped to evoke a peaceful oasis in which to relax and enjoy time on your own terms. Like a floating, living island, Kairos has a symmetrical profile with no ‘forward’ direction to aim towards. This elimination of momentum frees those onboard to live fully in the moment, without the sense of urgency to move to a new destination.

The heart of life onboard is the vast, theatrical piazza, to which all entry points of Kairos lead. Vertically developed across three levels, the piazza breaks from the canons of conventional yacht design. Intricate design combines stunning asymmetric shapes, transparent structures and a lack of physical barriers, influenced by the contrasting, multidimensional landscapes that exist in our daily lives. It is a captivating space in which to share inspiring moments, conveying a sense of liberty and joy.

The cabins on Kairos have all been positioned on the lower level, allowing for a greater sense of space and flow across the main level’s guest areas while also delivering outstanding views in close proximity to the water.

The layout on Kairos encourages social interaction while at the same time preserves the magic of intimate moments in private places. For example, on the panoramic balcony accessed above the upper deck via an elevator, guests can enjoy a quiet moment of sanctuary while taking in the sea view.

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Kairos has been created to align with Oceanco’s NXT initiative on sustainability and innovation, thanks to the naval architecture and engineering development from Lateral. In recent years, the builder and naval architecture studio have partnered on a number of innovative projects including Black Pearl, the most eco-conscious yacht in the world, and Bravo Eugenia, Oceanco’s first LIFE Design superyacht that delivers a 30% increase in fuel efficiency.

The creative layout of KAIROS is enabled via an innovative, all-electric propulsion and energy system architecture. The e-Hybrid system incorporates batteries as the primary means of energy delivery, permitting the varying power demands of hotel, propulsion and maneuvering loads to be seamlessly met. Diesel generators are provided for battery charging and high-speed cruising, selected free from the constraints of a conventional diesel electric and purely on the basis of efficiency and energy density.

The result is an elegant solution with flexibility in space distribution and a compact arrangement that allows the primary machinery space to be accommodated within a single-tier compartment. Guest space is consequently maximized on the prized lower deck by the waterline, allowing for KAIROS’s alluring piazza to take center stage.

The e-Hybrid architecture permits extensiveoperation with no noise, lower vibrations and zero local emissions.

“KAIROS is the first project undertaken within the Oceanco NXT initiative. Via collaboration with uniquely creative minds, the key elements of NXT have been brought into focus to deliver a next-generation-ofuser experience” adds James Roy, Managing Director of Lateral. “Capable of zero-emission operation, the propulsion and energy system architecture incorporates many elements of our future-proofing strategy to ensure KAIROS will avoid technical obsolescence as emerging sustainable technologies come to market. The engineering platform we have developed has enabled greater creative freedom to realize the unique design elements of KAIROS. These have presented us with an edifying technical challenge as naval architects and engineers, and the result delivers a next-generation onboard experience.”


During the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show it was possible to admire the scale model of this magnificent superyacht, which has been designed with the idea of creating a completely new way of conceiving life on-board, bringing enchantment to every moment of the yachting experience and setting a new standard in terms of sustainability.

Pininfarina Nautical attended the Monaco Yacht Show 2021 as exhibitor to showcase its 360° capabilities in the yachting design – from motor to sailing yachts, from bespoke projects to helm stations and components – and its innovative approach. On the occasion of the Monaco Yacht Show, Pininfarina launched four new projects, including Oceanco Kairos superyacht.

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Pininfarina Nautical also unveiled Persico F70, VARD Helm Station, and the Fabbri Fiore Porthole.

Persico F70 is the worlds first fully foiling dual purpose inshore/offshore racer and daysailer.

Persico F70 is a state of the art foiling yacht designed with build and project partner Persico and conceptualized by Carkeek and Pininfarina. A hyperboat, the new F 70 is a new class of foiling sailing yacht combining unprecedented Naval Architecture and performance with iconic design finishes, styling, lightweight materials and lifestyle comfort elements to allow Owners a unique flying user experience, whether in racing or pure fun foiling daysail modes.

The F70 is a groundbreaking sailing boat devoted to safe foiling. whose cutting edge interiors, curated by the close collaboration between Carkeek and Pininfarina, are characterized by an open space and a succession of structural rings, operating perspective games that emphasize the length and the breadth of the boat while expressing all the passion for day sailing and racing performance.


VARD Helm Station.

Characterized by suspended and aerodynamic shapes, the new helm station designed by Pininfarina for VARD completely redesigns the user experience of the control cockpit, combining a technical soul with the comfort of a lounge. In occasion of the Monaco Yacht Show, Pininfarina also provided the possibility to live, in an immersive way, the sensations generated by experiencing the control cabin through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

Fabbri Fiore Porthole.

Redesigned from scratch to meet the customization needs and the high standards of nautical interiors, the new porthole designed by Pininfarina for Fabbri Fiore is the result of a new all Italian collaboration in the name of quality and elegance.

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