Picnic à deux: Moynat Malle Bicyclette


Go ride the Moynat bicycle


Time to escape, to ride the Moynat bicycle and find the right spot for an elegant picnic.

Producing one can take up to 12 months. Moynat Malletier, the Parisian luxury trunk maker acquired last year by LVMH luxury group, launched Moynat Malle Bicyclette, a unique bicycle with custom-made trunk for a sophisticated picnic and a special price starting at $37,000.

The picnic basket fits precisely onto the front of the Dutch-style luxury bicycle but can be adapted to fit any model. The set includes leather straps and pockets for ceramic plates, silverware and all the compartments needed for a picnic. Moynat Malle Bicyclette is available to order at Moynat’s only 2,150-square-foot store in