From outdoor wellness systems to real personal spas: Eight multisensorial wellness novelties



These new wellness products on view at the next Salone del Mobile 2021 offer emotions by emphasising the person and, consequently, the time they dedicate to themselves, so that every moment is a precious and exclusive moment.



Effe, BodyLove by Rodolfo Dordoni & Michele Angelini is a modular system combining sauna, Turkish bath and shower. This real personal spa is designed for versatility and style. You can personalise your spa just as you want it.

Whether in a public or private space, BodyLove makes this possible with a modular system that can put together a sauna, Turkish bath, shower and relaxation area, with up-to-the-minute features and tailor-made materials. In the Sauna+Hammam BodyLove version a number of options is available for positioning and orienting the access doors to the two spaces. Such luxurious materials as ceramics and grès porcelain stimulate perception of the spa space as an environment that blends perfectly with its surroundings, rather than just an unsightly high-tech add-on.



The shower columns of the Gessi Outdoor Wellness System have been specifically designed for outdoor spaces. They offer innovative combinations of materials, finishes and processes, with the aim of recreating the stylistic and functional pleasantness of the Gessi Private Wellness System in the open air. The refined and delicate lines of the collection are naturally integrated into the landscape, creating a continuum and a harmonious fusion between the indoor and the outdoor environment.

@Effe Perfect Wellness Yoku Spa


Effe Perfect Wellness’ Yoku Spa designed by Marco Williams Fagioli combines a sauna, Turkish bath and a generous central shower in a single product, your own personal spa with all the functions of a professional spa, so you can relive these ancient wellbeing practices. Three different designs available in three different types of wood and two kinds of grès porcelain mean the spa meets all aesthetic needs.

The key features of the Yoku Spa system are the large recessed glass wall in bronze smoked glass along the front and the vertical elements in natural wood which create the feeling of being outdoors, in the middle of a forest, bringing elegance and privacy to the heat experience. In the sauna comfort is provided by two benches of the same size and in the Hammam by one single, very deep seat. The bookcase can also be used as a separate element outside the spa, placing it next to the glass panels where it can act as a filter to create private, highly personalised spaces.

@Giorgetti Apollo

Giorgetti Apollo wellness ball

Giorgetti’s Apollo is a wellness ball upholstered in hand-woven leather strips. Apollo can be deflated to make its carriage easier. It is a tool for fitness activity, but it can also be used as a furnishing accessory.



An even wider water blade flows in a cascade of enveloping and unexpected feelings: the big quantity of water supplied by XL Waterfall allows a deep massage, from one shoulder to the other. The charm of XL Built-in Waterfall is hidden in its minimalist style.



Rainbow + converts the concept of shower system in an exclusive experience of multisensorial wellness. Rainbow + converts the pleasure of the shower in an exclusive multi sensorial experience. A geometrical and extraordinary design hides in it an advanced technology: water seems to melt with colour, as if by magic. Rainbow + is available in two versions – rain and icicle jets – or only with the rain function, and reaches its perfection through the employment of chromotherapy.

Day Bed Atollo 4365 and Chaise Longue QUEEN 4430 by Roberti Outdoor Pleasure; @Almar RAINBOW HEAD SHOWER


Day Bed Atollo 4365 and Chaise Longue QUEEN 4430 by Roberti Outdoor Pleasure

Designed by ANTONIO DE MARCO SIMONE FANCIULLACCI, this day-bed features a frame in 304 steel, aluminum powder coated and pillars in aluminum powder coated and marine net seat. The ergonomic structure of its net and the design are ideal and perfect to be used both in residential and contract settings. Suitable for indoor/outdoor pool as well as terrace in seaside, hilly and mountain locations.

Designed by TECHNICAL EMOTIONS, CHAISE LONGUE QUEEN 4430 by Roberti Outdoor Pleasure is ideal for decorating terraces, patios and pool areas. In the Queen collection sofas, armchairs and chaise longue are also modular and versatile elements. A seating system where games of transparencies and natural tones, created by the elegant linear weaving, interpret the space as a place where to live one’s time in perfect harmony. Suitable for outdoor and indoor, residential and contract use.