Off-the-menu experiences in Maldives: The Muraka at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island


The first-of-its-kind undersea residence set to debut this November, The Muraka at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island offers a transformative journey in one of the world’s most breathtaking natural environments. The resort is situated in one of the world’s most breathtaking natural environments as guests are fully immersed in the wonders of the abundant marine eco-system above and below the Indian Ocean.

The Muraka is not only defined by its physical structure, but even more so by the wholly unique offerings future guests can enjoy while staying in the innovative residence.

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Conrad Maldives Rangali Island announced it will offer a collection of four experience menus available exclusively to those staying at The Muraka. Tailored to the unique desires of different travelers with experiences ranging from adventure, food and entertainment to wellness, culture and sustainability, the menus are titled The Wanderers, The Flavors, The Soul and The Thrill.

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Guests who book THE MURAKA will work with a dedicated Reservations Team to curate their own journey, borrowing inspiration from the four menus to ultimately create a meaningful and personalized journey in the Maldives and immerse themselves in a variety of transcendent experiences above and below the surface of the ocean. photos: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The Thrill – Discover the reefs by night

While the Maldivian environment around the MURAKA is magnificent at any angle, it may be most magical from below. For an experience under the sea, guests can spark their senses and discover the reefs by night alongside highly- trained professionals that guide explorers through the enigmatic dark blue waters. On this journey, guests will discover the peculiar glows of plankton lurking the ocean, corals blooming out into stunning colors and witness the rare phenomenon of shy underwater residents of the South Ari Atoll coming out to play.

The Soul – transformative wellness experiences

Visitors flock to the Maldives not only for its spectacular natural beauty, but also for its restorative energy and peaceful solitude. “The Soul” allows travelers to connect with this spirit through a variety of experiences including meditation, yoga and more. There may be no better place to get in touch with oneself than THE MURAKA, lending itself to a deeper practice with two decks – one facing sunrise and the other facing sunset – to soak up the healing powers of sunlight or bask in the peace of dusk.

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The Flavors – one of a kind cooking class with a personal chef available 24 hours

“The Flavors” experiences reveal an exciting world of culinary possibilities with a personal chef available 24 hours a day who can satisfy any craving with tailor-made menus. For those who truly want to savor their journey, “The Flavors” experiences include a variety of opportunities to forage, learn, and most importantly taste. Celebrity Chef Jereme Leung is counted among the best Chinese chefs and while his world-renowned Xiao long bao dumplings, handmade pulled noodles and perfectly balanced shumai are available daily at the resort’s Ufaa restaurant, the chance to learn the techniques behind these delicacies are not. In this one of a kind cooking class, guests can enter Ufaa’s open sided kitchen and receive instruction from one of Leung’s expertly trained chefs. These culinary masters will guide
guests in the timeless art of folding dim sum wrappers, blending ingredients and of course, slurping noodles.

dine under the sea

dine under the sea; photos: conrad hotels & resorts

The Wanderers – explore uncharted Maldivian territory and engage with local culture

“The Wanderers” captures the desires of the traveler who wants to immerse themselves in a destination to gain a fresh perspective. One possible outlet for this ambitious discoverer is to act out their best Discovery Channel narration as they achieve their dream of exploring the depths on an ocean dive or snorkel complete with a film crew to capture the experience. Documenting the vibrant reef ecosystem beyond the glass walls of their MURAKA bedroom, guests will have the opportunity to direct and star in their own undersea film.

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The Muraka experience ; photos: conrad hotels & resorts

Live like a local

Live like a local ; photos: conrad hotels & resorts

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The muraka experience; photos: conrad hotels & resorts

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