The ultimate fuel for skin cells

NuBo Cell Dynamic is a critically acclaimed super-powerful complex which activates cells to rejuvenate your skin.

Based on the same guiding principles as the performance car industry of uniting technology with luxury, NuBo’s deluxe gift for men set promises immediate, visible results and long-lasting skin benefits.  Think of it as a personal trainer of your skin.

The innovative energy recycling system of the Luxury Cosmeceutical Skin Care brand tackles anti- ageing on two fronts – crucially focusing on both the causes as well as the visual external effects.

Traditional anti-ageing formulas force your skin to work over-time to generate collagen and elastin – ultimately producing damaging waste toxins and free radicals as bi-products. This results in a sluggish metabolic cycle and skin resumes its tired and aged look.

A unique patented formula goes beyond traditional anti-ageing approach. It re-invigorates your skin – not only fighting the damage caused by external free radicals but going much deeper too, inside skin-cells.

NuBo Cell Dynamic advanced energy-recycling technology eradicates blocking toxins and radically improves the metabolic cycle to clear a pathway for effective delivery of bio active boosters creating a cycle of a self-maintained rejuvenation.

NuBo Cell Dynamic complex recharges Mitochondria with energy, dramatically boosting the natural bioelectric current and in turn restoring skin cell communication,” says the NuBo experts.

“NuBo Cell Dynamic complex doesn’t replace substances lost in ageing complexions such as collagen and elastin but recharges the processes which naturally happen in the body to produce that collagen and elastin. We call these newly re-started processes biomimetic because they ‘mimic’ the natural activity of young and healthy skin cells. NuBo creates dynamic and fast moving cell activity so that after only a few weeks, your skin looks youthful and dewy.”