Now you can visit New York City’s tallest lounge and nightclub paying with cryptocurrency

New and exclusive real-world experiences powered by the blockchain. Somewhere Nowhere Is the First Nightclub in New York to Accept Cryptocurrency.

Patrons Can Seamlessly Pay for Their Next Table With Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Somewhere Nowhere, New York City’s tallest lounge, nightclub, and rooftop pool, announces it will soon accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment powered by Coinbase.

If a guest wishes to pay for items in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, Somewhere Nowhere soon will facilitate the payments via Coinbase to complete the transaction in the same fashion as accepting credit cards, potentially as early as next week. With a high-net-worth clientele descending from around the world, the option to add cryptocurrency as a payment option is the natural step to add a layer of convenience to guests.

“Somewhere Nowhere is about creating a sensory-driven experience and we decided to take it one step further with the addition of this next generation currency,” said Sameer Qureshi, Co-Founder/Owner of El Grupo SN. “It’s exciting to be part of this futuristic time and to continue to bring unique experiences to our guests through technology. And this is just the beginning,” said Co-Founder/Owner, Nathan Leong.

Boasting 360-views of Manhattan’s majestic skyline, the creative vision of Somewhere Nowhere comes from owners and operators Nathan Leong and Sameer Qureshi of El Grupo SN, who have always taken a cutting-edge approach to the nightlife experience. Currently, the 5,516 square foot space, is designed to artfully merge progressive sound and lighting technology, and features some of top international and local DJs in one of the most unique experiences in the city.

Next up for Somewhere Nowhere is a forthcoming NFT collection and experiences powered by Moonwalk, which will offer unique and exclusive real-word utilities and virtual offerings for its NFT holders. More information on this upcoming NFT launch will be provided in the coming weeks.

“We are excited to offer our NFT collection to power a new form of membership and even more excited by the fact that we will be working with Moonwalk to enable Somewhere Nowhere’s guests to experience new and exclusive real-world experiences powered by the blockchain. Details on what’s included in the NFT will be available in the coming weeks. A dedicated server on Discord will be dedicated towards growing and informing our community on all things Metaverse and NFT related,” said Nathan Leong.